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    HELLO! Welcome to the exciting introduction of:

    A: "TALES FROM LIBERTY SPACE! " is truly an exciting place. It's the place you go to, to tell all of your fellow spacemen (and women) your exciting expositions aboard Liberty Station 13, and the unsettling dark space around it. But! Not only will you tell stories amongst friends, you will also be able to show praise to those who you think deserve it.

    Q: What kind of content is allowed in this forum?
    A: Glad you asked! We have laid out a few prefixes for the post creating process that should help you gain an idea of what content should be expected on the forum!

    • TALE: Use this prefix if what you are planning to write is considered a work of truth. Non-fiction. This story should have been experienced first hand by the author. However, their preferred writing perspective (i.e. first person, third person, etc) does not matter.
    • PRAISE: As previously mentioned, this prefix exists to allow members of the community the chance to show their gratitude towards each other. Stories not experienced first hand by the author should also go here. However, those stories should still be true, through and through.
    • FICTION: This title should speak for itself. If you intend to write a tale that involves things or places that didn't actually happen, write your story with this prefix. If for some reason you would like to include falsities in an otherwise true tale, you should also use this prefix.
    • BIO: Recently (Jan.14) the LLA crew has decided that the "SPACE MEN BACKSTORIES" thread would be a wonderful addition to this new forum. You can use this to create a character bio for the person you are playing as in game. Feel free to create as many personas as you'd like, and post about them. Think of this as a place to express creativity.
    • OTHER: If you have something that doesn't quite fit into those other prefixes, this is the one to use. Please note that all other community submissions such as art and Let's Plays, should go in the respective forum, [Community Submissions].
    Anyhow, that's all folks! Enjoy the forum. Credit for this wonderful idea goes to Flavored Cactus! Thank you Mr. Cactus! [Pic Credit: Lone]


    NOTE: NSFW material is NOT suitable for this forum. Any NSFW material posted is subject to termination at the hands of a site admin or forum guard. Repeated offenses will be met with bans.
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