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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Doctor-Clockwork, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Doctor-Clockwork

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    Bonjour folks and welcome to uh, this post that I've made! I <3 you for coming friend, anyway so you know your maybe wondering who I am and why im writing this, well you already know both, Im Doctor Clockwork aka The Doctor or Doc and im writing this to say hello uwu :).

    Did you know that two melons of the same gender cant get married? That means they cantaloupe! Hahahaha, don't kill me.

    I might aswell tell chu a bit about myself since you have already read down here, well im a female who is 19 living in *arrrrgh cough cough sneeze*. Great place, im studying poetry and just jumped into the whole university thing. I looove to write and read its like my savior. Im also bi-sexual and have great fashion sense. I have a lot of experience in the general game of SS13, medical, chemistry, and surgery. I can do forensics and sometimes warden, but that gets boring to me. I play BS some times and security a lot. If im not playing medical or security or blue shield you may find me playing Cargo. I run by the name Reed Connington, prior I was Mia Hart. So yeah, thanks for uh checking this out!

    Why was the cop in bed? Cause he was undercover hahahahah, don't kill me D-:
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  3. Doctor-Clockwork

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  4. Welcome to liberty friend, I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions you can ask me personally or more likely to get a better answer but not as fast, our gracious admins.
  5. Flavo

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    Blueshield? We don't have blueshield here. I assume you came from unbound travels?
  6. Doctor-Clockwork

    Doctor-Clockwork New Member

    Yes, I copied this over from there. Dont pay attention to that :)
  7. Welcome to LLA! I love to see that lately we're attracting some more roleplay-oriented players (appears you qualify, based on the looks of it?) in spite of not mandating it here.

    We should be able to get along; I have uploaded a little bit of poetry to the library's external archive and occasionally try to spread it around.
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  8. NoFaceMan

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    Bonjour Clock-San, welcome to the Illuminati. run before its too late
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  9. Keyword22

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    that makes you like 200% sexier.

    Also hi.
  10. Doctor-Clockwork

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    I have never felt so welcome.

  11. I wanna get bisexual with you friend
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  12. Snow5445

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    NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!

    Also do you have a thing for heavy set bearded middle aged men that are mostly blind?
  13. NoFaceMan

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  14. Mabblies

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    Actually, it would be 100% unless you mean: Gays like him (100%), AND Bi's like him (100%), and of course the given is that females already like him (nothing because it is the base).
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  15. Doctor-Clockwork

    Doctor-Clockwork New Member

    I got about 0% of that, but good for you.

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  16. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    What is this thread becoming.

    (Welcome to LS13, i swear its not like this)
  17. The OP explicitly states that they are female.
  18. Doctor-Clockwork

    Doctor-Clockwork New Member

    I have not been playing much on LS13, I have quit Unbound Travels but I stick by their fourms.

    Got addicted to Misuterii High, another BYOND Platform Anime game :)
  19. hes lying it is 200% like this
  20. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    I see. I didn't read it anyways :p

    (Oh yeah, welcome. I think you will like it here :))

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