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  1. MiziBooBoo

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    Why are you letting Sishio call the shots? You're Head Iconner.
  2. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin


    my computer's face when I've never done anything involving more than one GIMP tab before [very WIP picture]

    I am simultaneously being incompetent, overwhelmed and having an awesome time all at once. I shoulda ditched all that science and maths bull a long time ago and become an indie artist or something. Having spent ten minutes getting it to be all straight and shit, I'm now gonna add 'texture' whatever that is. Or maybe tweak some colours. I don't know. Ha!

    Edit: Joking aside, I really do want to hand all creative liberties to the people who know what the fuck they're doing. If someone who knows how to draw says 'lemon stahp ur breakin everything go away' I will. This is a silly thing and I am be no means expecting anything to come of it.

    Edit again: Secini WIP. Not really happy with the side facing but I'm working on it.
  3. CannibalCrow

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    You use GIMP to icon. Good.
    Friggen Sishio uses the DM. Srs. And he's our Head Iconner. I:

    Shape of the bikini from the side could use some work I think.
  4. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    Sishio is not the head iconner. I am. And I could not even find the full colour palette in DM, so I gave up on it. And I do not use GIMP to icon, I use it to chuck colours at the screen until something discernable appears.

    The bikini has been changed up a bit now, but don't expect anything wonderful. I once drew a dog in an art class and everyone thought it was a fruit bowl :c
  5. CannibalCrow

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    Anyways, take a look at the standard underwear for females when they're not wearing clothes for an idea of the side of the bikini, I'm guessing.
  6. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    So, here's what I've done so far, at in-game size:


    The little 'S' flag is something I slapped on that image in ten seconds just to see what it was like. It's not actually iconned, hence none of the other angles having it.

    As you can probably tell, I'm no artist.
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    next time just draw dicks in MS paint

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