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    To avoid confusion when turning the Coder application Iconesque, here's what you're going to do if you want to apply.

    For your application, you can include whatever you want, but there are a few points I want you to definitely include within your application, as they're most important.
    • Byond Name:
    • What do you like to be called?
    • Gender? (If you feel uncomfortable about putting your Gender for any reason, feel free to leave this out.)
    • Past iconning experience (Have you iconned for any other Byond servers previously? Etc.)
    • How long you have been iconning for.
    • Examples of your work (Include screenshots of previous icons)
    • Do you have Skype? (Not necessarily important, just to straighten out any communication issues we may have)
    These are a few points I'd like you to include within your application.. You can lay it out/format it however you want, but these are some of the more important things I'd like for you to include. You can add on anything you think that will help the application, or help people get to know you, whatever. Good Luck :)
    If you have any questions/queries/ to ask or tell me, send me a message over the forums or message me on skype (providing you have me added.)
    In reflection of the Coding application process, you will have to follow roughly the same system before you earn a permanent place on the team are considered for source access.

    • Fill in the form above and submit an application.​
    • You will then be given a small test project to complete, you will usually have a choice of things to icon as your test, choosing more than one will help your chances. Feel free to ask for an especially hard task if you're confident you have the skill to do it.​
    • If you pass that, you will then be accepted to the team as a trial member for a week. During this time period, you will be expected to follow orders, complete additional tests, and report any problems.​
    • After the trial period has passed, you are officially a member of the team.​
    • Trusted players or players known to be competent iconners may forgo some of the above.​
    • To prove you have read all this, put a 'code' section in your application form and put in a code of 3 random digits and 3 random characters that isn't the same as anyone previously's. Failure to do this is instant denial.​
    Good luck!
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