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  1. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    • Byond Name: Hergest
    • What do you like to be called?: Hergest/Owyn
    • Gender: I have a penis.
    • Do you have skype?: I do.
    • Note: I'm aware of the fact i'm not the best iconner, but hopefully i can hone my skills whilst contributing to one of my favorite servers. I've been an iconner here before once but i had to resign due school being harsh on me.
    • Super secret code (not anymore): 1a2b3k
    • Examples of my work:
    Hyrule Shield
    Random Science Poster
    Some kind of liquid pistol medically themed
    An alternative crate i made, a different perspective too.
    A GPS direction computer, i'd actually love seeing this in-game. Maybe it could automatically calculate the bearing because it's a pain in the ass with my calculator lmfao.
    2 alternative toolboxes i made, they also have a different perspective. I think they'd fit better this way.
    An attempt on a science vending machine which i have yet to finish, would also love seeing this in-game.
    An oxygen tank.
    (Update) Today i got bored and decided to make some pixelart without outline. (16th August)​
    The line-art is supposed to be all cringly.​
    I have no idea why he's mad at that rock, maybe he hurt his knee on it? Haha.​

    Thanks for reading! Feel free to post any criticism, would love to improve.
  2. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Looks nice.
    *make 1 new AI/pAI face.
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  3. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    Do you use the name Pandiet, by any chance?
  4. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    I do, how so?

    Haha, i actually already made an evil AI face using it's base for fun. Decided to not showcase it above because i think it sucks and was really easy to make.

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  5. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    Just wondering. Searched the Hyrule shield through Google, came up on DeviantArt. Turns out that's you.
  6. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    Oh, have you seen my fanart ^-^ haha.

    Anyway, if you don't believe it's me i can prove it by writing it in my profile or whatever.
  7. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Your deviants and icons looks nice.
    ++++++1 shupord
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  8. Keyword22

    Keyword22 Well-Known Member

    Weren't you an Iconner here before..? Hmm I remember someone with the name Hergest being an Iconner.
    Anyways, the Icons are pretty good!
    +2 Chainz
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  9. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    I was, had to leave due school :-(
  10. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    Aight. It's been over a week, guys? :(
  11. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    I like the icons, I don't remember much of your work in the iconner chat, but I saw some good ones.
  12. MiziBooBoo

    MiziBooBoo Guest

    I always prefer seeing the images to size than enlarged, but it looks good.
    +1 BOOBOO
  13. Legato_frio

    Legato_frio Public Relations

    Challenge, Make the mask from v for vendetta. I always think it would be fun for Revs Leaders to be able to spawn these unlimited from their PDA it would make rev rounds more hilarous.
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  14. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Sup Hergest. I won't vote here but I can say this dude is competent.
  15. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    That'd actually be pretty awesome. Here's my try at it..


    Gave it an angry expression because revs are angry.. right?
  16. Legato_frio

    Legato_frio Public Relations

    YES!!! this guy Infernus hire him!
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  17. He may get in trouble due to his anti-griefer vigilantism, but hergest is a sharp and friendly lad. The mask also demonstrates some good work on request. You'd be crazy not to give him a shot.
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  18. Superballs

    Superballs LS13 Iconner

    Your medical gun reminds me of the Medic's MP7 from Killing Floor, and that pixel art reminds me of McPixel, haha; they're pretty cool! I have no idea how we are going to recruit Iconners now since Sish' is M.I.A.
    I'm confident we'd get along on the team, it's getting lonley. it's really only two people on the team!

    You might want to take a peek at this thread and try some of the suggestions/ideas in here, and post them in your application. I'm just curious how you would perform these requests.
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  19. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    Nice idea! I saw someone suggest a clown car and came up with something else haha. For all your honking needs!


    And someone suggested a invisible making shower. I'm still working on this but because i have to go i'm going to upload this unfinished version here.

  20. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Well-Known Member

    we had a clown car on nox is was awesome. could fit a whole bunch of people in it to and knocked down walls. could imagine a bunch of sec pile in it chase down a traitor with clown. you pic is not a car... it a unicycle lol

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