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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Randomonioum, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. *sniffs* is dat watamelon i smel
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  2. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    This thread has gone places.
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  3. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    Hello there. Please try to ignore some of the more... special characters you may see prowling around here... Most of us are pretty friendly. I'm Raptor, it's nice to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you on the forums/on the station. Enjoy your stay, Robyn. :D
  4. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    Thanks everyone for your responses, its gotten a little out of hand now so I can't deliver on my promise to give you all an individual response... But thank you all!

    As for... some of the responses I got:

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  5. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    Welcome to LLA.

    You said you've been off and on with SS13 for a while. What brought you to our community in particular?
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  6. Black Jack

    Black Jack LS13 Admin

    My mum always said I is specal.
    I would like a response. Please and thank you.
    ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
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  7. Its tradition in my native culture to sniff eachotherupon meeting now sniff me or disrespect me
  8. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    I recommend the latter.

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  9. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Hi! Have fun on the station!
  10. Eluxor

    Eluxor No one

    Somebody said Eluxor? HAAAIIIIIIIII
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  11. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    Could you all not be this weird?
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  12. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    So you want us to give her a false impression? Rude
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  13. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    She could probably figure that out on her own. I mean, honestly, it's like there's no filter. Especially on the things that need it.
  14. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    WELCOME TO LLA! Pete please save us from eternal damnation
  15. Keone2

    Keone2 Active Member

    All jokes aside, welcome to LLA and I hope to get a chance to play with you. Flavored I don't know if that's even possible.
  16. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    Also, you will never know if Flavored is a man or woman. I for one, personally like to believe Cactus is a eunuch :D I am just kidding Cactus,. please don't ban me. Oh God Oh God
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