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    Lets just get right into this shall we? Haven and Hearth is a very complex and !!FUN!! wilderness survival game. Theres a whole bunch of stuff to do like mining, farming, animal husbandry, etc. Although it features Perma-death, this is what make H&H shine from the rest with its dwarf fortress-like learning curve. Now I've already started a outpost with Wutnold and Zt, but the thing is we need more people. There's only so much you can do with 3 people, ya know! So this thread serves as an easy way to sign-up and join us, and share people's Hearth Secrets(how to add people as friends).

    The only way you'll be able to join us is if we construct a one-time use Totem which is inexpensive to us at this point but still takes time to build, so please consider this if you just wish to play the game for only a short time. But one last thing, due to the system in which you learn skills we *probably* need to divy up roles so everyone specializes in a particular field. See you in the fields!

    Wilderness Beacons Available
    None (atm, please ask for one!)

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    I googled "heaven and earth video game" and just came up with a game from 1992. Can you link?
  3. JPR

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    I may be interested in this. More later.
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    Well I'll try anything once
  5. Jariahtoadsage

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    This looks neat, and interesting.

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