Halloween 2014 Teaser

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheDracheX, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. TheDracheX

    TheDracheX LS13 Coder Staff Member

    As with last year's Halloween events, the development team (credits to: Lichling, Superballs and Me), has been working on a few awesome and spooky features for this year's Halloween!
  2. Pumpkin Man

    Pumpkin Man LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Don't worry we didn't forget..
  3. Superballs

    Superballs LS13 Iconner

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  4. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

  5. OOOOO Exciting!
  6. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Please, not again. Do something else than a one time, untested event.
  7. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    sorry guys the mighty voice of justice and reason cody522 has spoken. Halloween is cancelled
  8. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Thanks obama
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  9. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

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  10. Superballs

    Superballs LS13 Iconner

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  11. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Well-Known Member

  12. Legato_frio

    Legato_frio Public Relations

    Why does the value of one round wasted weigh more then the value of the great experience that could come from it?
    Taking risks is a quality to live by for ANY company or organization. If you put pros and cons together what could go wrong is no one near as influential and what could be gained.

    Are you so afraid of one hour of wasted time that you take away many hours of good ones?

    Haters will always hate, I look towards pleasing those who enjoy what we offer then catering to those who will always complain.
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  13. WellingtonTheThird

    WellingtonTheThird Well-Known Member

    Where is the Hanukkah event? You'll be hearing from my lawyers, goyim.
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  14. CYBORZ

    CYBORZ LS13 Iconner

    Oy, I need a nosh if that would ever happen.
  15. Kneeskeysllama

    Kneeskeysllama Well-Known Member

    Does this mean I can't have Corgi trick or treat?

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