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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by LemonSoup, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. LemonSoup

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    Exams are beginning to loom for me, so i was sniffing around for more interesting time management techniques when I happened upon HabitRPG, a task manager that motivates with RPG systems, like earning gold, XP and item drops when tasks are completed. Failing a daily task or doing a bad habit reduces your health.

    Gold can be spent either on in-game items to increase stats, or on self-defined rewards, like playing video games before work, taking extra time off or:

    XP goes towards leveling up, which increases stats and unlocks abilities.

    There are many other systems, like classes, checklists, habits, dailies and so on. But also: PARTIES! An extra motivation tool is teaming up with other people to defeat quests and bosses. Progress is gained by completing tasks, but if a member of the party fails to complete their tasks, the whole party takes damage.

    I found out about it yesterday, and I've found it enjoyable and pretty motivating, and it works well with my time management method of choice, the Pomodoro Technique. Of course, it's entirely self-regulated and really easy to cheat your way through it if you want to miss the point entirely.

    My current task list looks like THIS

    So, basically, would anyone be interested in making an awesome LLA motivation party? (LLA CODERS WHERE)

    edit: I should add, it's free and browser-based, so no reason not to check it out.
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    I'm pretty sure all I get is money too. As a part-timer I don't even get paid sick-days or holidays. Nope. Just money. Motivation enough for me!
  5. AquaDraco

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    The... second paragraph? What happens when I take away the incentive? The "habit" suddenly stops because you still have no intrinsic motivation to do that thing.

    I'm not going to tell anyone how to live their life, but I personally believe working towards getting a job in a field you love is an invaluable opportunity for personal growth. Jobs don't offer you nothing but money; they also offer you work experience, a chance to make the world better, an opportunity to challenge yourself, training, etc.
  6. LemonSoup

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    Yes. I'm not saying this is going to singlehandedly and entirely motivate everything you do and guide you in a better direction in life. It's an additional layer of extrinsic motivation and definitely works better when you take pride in your work. Hell, they even mention that on their site.

    It's not gonna work for everyone, and it's not going to help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. But for everyone else, it's fun!
  7. Jariahtoadsage

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    So, i dont want to start a fight, believe me. But arguing that this isnt gonna help anyone because of some Wikipedia entry on motivation seems pretty petty to me. Its literally a game encouraging you to take your life more seriously, but its a game, so its relaxing at the same time. I do however agree, jobs have the potential to give more than money, but if you're entry-level in anything other than the career you want to spend your life in, chances are you're only there to make enough to live until you can move on to something that isnt ball breakingly dissatisfying.

    On a more to the point note. This seems like fun! If the admin/appeals team were to set one of these up id definately hop in on it! HELL if the LLA community at large were to hop on it and be honest about it id be super excited! We constantly talk about incentivising certain behaviours, imagine what could happen if our whole LLA community were in this as well?

    Oh the possibilities!~
  8. Is there an LLA group for this yet?
  9. LemonSoup

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    There is now. Anyone interested, post ye user ID (from the data tab) and I'll add you.
  10. Alright, mine is f6eb693c-3b95-45fc-b149-fc1c92500ba0. Just setting things up.
  11. LemonSoup

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    Invite sent.
  12. Kegsey

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    Send invite pls, love you lemon
  13. Jariahtoadsage

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  14. LemonSoup

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    Both invited.
  15. Jariahtoadsage

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    Joined! I seem to have misunderstood the concept of the Party system. I was expecting something along the lines of "Party Tasks" and "Party Habits".
  16. LemonSoup

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    I believe members can propose "challenges" which are kind of like those? I'm not sure. Also, later on there are bosses and quests, which are beaten by completing tasks and the failure of one member to finish their tasks hurts the whole group. that kind of thing. I have no idea.
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    FUCK YOU IRS!!!!
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    ayyy add me to do motivational stuff
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    Screwit, I'll give it a shot.


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