News Geoff Hunter and Papa OJ on a trek

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    While CMDR Geoff Hunter of LLA has taken his leave for upwards of two weeks now to increase diplomatic relations with Don and various Empire factions, now Liberties Last Army's Deputy Wing Commander CMDR Papa OJ has decided to leave his post in Don and travel 70 ly space south to Apam Napat, home of the Neo-Galactic Adventure Force, to see if he can secure in ally in the future conflicts that may occur between the Network and Federal forces under the Independents of Don.

    Despite the joyous wishes many citizens had as the two vigilantes left for the unknown reaches of space, some question the safety of Alcala Station and the Network overall in the absence of these two commanders. As a parting statement, CMDR Papa OJ requested that any active and stationed LLA pilots be vigilant and watchful over the Network in their absence.
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