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Discussion in 'Head Admin Applications (CLOSED!)' started by Flavo, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. Legato_frio

    Legato_frio Public Relations

    RebelAmerica was more thorough then that. He took into considerations the reports of the behavior then he went into investigating on the case. Reading logs and verifying that the reports were true before he took any actions. Kokojo was given the opertunity to present his side of the case. There may be reports that questioning may have been aggressive causing kokojo to get defensive but the case was not handled lightly. This should not be held against Flavored Cactus he has nothing to do with what is being suggested. It is standard practice that headmins communicate their thoughts with a none bias 3rd party to get a second opinion before they make such a judgement call. I am sure this issue was handled properly even if the results were not desired these are the tough calls leadership has to make. I am sure Flavo could handle these type of calls if given the opportunity he knows how to handle tough calls and give bad news.
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  2. Kokojo

    Kokojo Active Member

    Flavo is right in the first part ; I left by myself after being fired by adam for being a badmin. However, there is no doupt you were most of the reason I was banned in the first place, by being shallow. But that's for another thread.


    I come here with honests intentions, and even thought I admit outright that I dislike Flavo greatly, I shall explain why I think he should never reach the position of headmin for LLA honestly, and not out of rage like I could be.

    First of all, Flavo lacks leadership in all shapes or forms.
    I have witnessed more than once Flavored running from all forms of descisions or incorporation to the process of descision. When a situation arrose where Flavo had never taken a similar descision on, he called on for help on the process. Even dealing with normal cases, he had to write in long lenght his thinking proccess during the case to make sure and certain nobody would disagree with him, to make sure he was doing an appropriate judgement. This shows a lack of confidence.

    Even with multiple, repeated situations where people performed tasks such as thunderdomes fights, permabanning, or simply using Central command updates causing no problem at all and making the players happy/indiferent. Flavo still thought it was appropriate to question and over-question the performers of such acts to a point where it was ridiculous, and then reported them outright to the Snrmins to be sure ''they weren't abusing'', even while the conditions were clear.

    Not only that, but Flavo never questionned any Seniormin desicsion, nor tried to make an imput about his POV unless the argument was started by someone else and he could be sure, even thought I know from the time before he was an admin that he did not agree with some rullings, like the old Rule 1 and 10's wording.

    Also, Flavo lacks leadership because he does not trust other people with tasks. So often have I seen him scrutinize things that din't need to be examine, so many question after a case was handle, so many questions for a simple ''Mysterious voice in the chapel'' that it went beyond ridicule in his attempts to make sure the situation was perfect. That said, while situations where flawed, his only solution was to stop them completly, never trying to find an alternative.

    Secondly, he's afraid of conflits.
    I had many conflicts with Flavo, most started by me, I must admit. However, with these conflicts, the usual response was ''run away, report to headmin, wait for resolving''. When forced into arguments about earlier conflicts, the only way that Flavo had to resolve them was to simply say his opinion once, then ignore the replies, and never respond. This is not the way a conflit is resolved. You have to talk, you have to argue, and you have to explain your actions. Not only that, but if your FIRST instinct is to report to someone higher than you, you're not ready to lead. I do not believe Cactus had changed in any way regarding this since I left.

    Third, he's proven to be petty, passive-agressive, and self-entitled.
    This, I cannot stress enought, and I do not want to fill this thread with a thousand examples, so a few will have to make it. This is really a central point to my argument and why I don't wanna see him as an headmin, ever.

    Flavo is petty. After my first big argument with him, I was surprised to see I got contacted by Seniors for things I said when they were not there, or for long forgotten cases. It turned out Flavo hunted my logs, every single one of them. While it was no mystery that he often looked at logs in generals, it was not known that he would read every single line of mine! In fact, before my end, a few days before I got fired, I laid some traps in Asay and adminchat, notably considering promotions and was, of course, confronted by the headmin about these. Things withouth context that no one would have paid attention to unless they were very interested in my personnal opinion. Not only that, but I was also questionned for things I spawned on the map. The point is, after I made him endure pain once, I was then scrutinised and every single step I ever took was looked at from too close - and the only reason was my logs were read, copy pasted, and too often interogated. While being attentive to someone is something, prunning my logs and looking for any small errors was just going too far.

    Flavo is passive agressive all around. Just the number of times he asked for unreasonable things, then complained afterwards that the response was harsh. Or simply stating the obvious and nitpicking the ''I know'' with ''I was just trying to be helpfull.'' Things like that that are just not needed but are there just to annoy and make people lose time.

    Flavo is self-entitled because he does not care about the well-being of others until it concerns him too. Flavo never had a problem with DND being ruined and called it an IC issue UNTIL he tried it and it got ruined, and then he created a thread that is a fortress of irony if you ever saw Dave Flavo being played. (http://llagaming.net/forums/threads...larious-to-ruin-other-peoples-enjoyment.2270/). Then, other admins stopped to take his Ahelps because he was a really angsty Ahelper, and he created a thread I no longer have access too that said ''Why don't you take ahelps'' in the admin section of the forums, and pressured admins to awnser, despite, like all other admins, doing the same constantly beforehand with a select few. Last, he's self-entitled because he pressures people to do things HE wants and that HE likes, and never once considers their well-being or ideas in the process. There is multiple examples, including mapping, updating, hosting and server reboots.

    In short, Flavo is a BAD person.

    Fourth, while he's helpfull, he's bland.

    This, I have to give it to Flavo. He's a great Admin. If it kept to adminhelps, I would have had nothing to say, ever. He can take care of players and he's polite, helpfull, and resolves their issues with not much problems. I do have to say he's a expert in caring about Ahelps, better than most seniors I ever saw.

    However, he goes by the rules and the rules only. Rarely have I seen him spawn a cookie from a prayer. Rarely have I seen him awnser a prayer or spawn an object. Always did he oppose any kind of events that COULD possibly involve a player dying (Minus those proposed by Seniors). In terms of doing something special for the community that was his own idea, Flavo has always failed in that regard and is still afraid to go out of the norms, because of either fear of failure or simply fear of new things. A true Headmin should have ideas for their players and the guts to enact them.

    All in all, while Flavo has some talents, the rest of his flaws and the sides I've seen of him prove that he's not cut to be a leader.

    - Support.
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  3. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    I don't intend to discuss this at length here in this thread, but I will outright say it. No. Flavored was not most of the reason you were removed. Also, entering a thread and making accusations based on second-hand information you acquired from someone who very possibly wasn't even involved in the deliberation process for whether or not to remove Kokojo is a little silly, Infernus. Anyways, this is not the place to discuss this.

    Taking the time to ask and verify things with follow admins is almost never a harmful thing, unless you are really cut for time. There's nothing wrong with it, and it only serves to ensure that the best possible action is taken.(That we could foresee, at least). However, I do agree that someone in this role should be someone who has the confidence to make a decision without the need to consult others. That's not to say he never should, but he should have the ability to.

    I'll be blunt. This is completely and blatantly false. As a Senior Administrator myself, I have engaged in a multitude of debates and discussions with flavored that I'm fairly certain he himself initiated, though whether he initiated it or not is completely irrelevant. Flavored understands that the senior administrators and the heads of staff are the most experienced members on our team. There's nothing strange, unusual, or wrong with taking the word of someone who is strongly familiar with our policies and rules.

    Again, this isn't really something that I saw as a habit of Flavored's. There were times where it seemed as though he didn't want to argue, voiced his opinion and left it at that. I believe we've all done that at some point. But I've seen Flavored engaged in debate and discussion frequently enough, and he has taken the time to actually argue his points instead of just running away.

    I'll get to responding to the rest a little bit later.

    That said, while I disagree with many of the things Kokojo has said there, I still do not believe that Flavored is cut out to be in this position. First, his lack of experience is a large hindrance. The other candidates have at minimum roughly a year more experience than he does, up to nearly 3-4 years more. Yes, Flavored does admin frequently but that doesn't supplement the experience and knowledge you gain from adminning for such a long time, and the intimate familiarity with our core philosophies and policies that the others have most likely formed. While Flavored also performs well enough as an administrator, I still feel he lacks the majority needed to handle this position. Conflict resolution doesn't seem to be his strong point, and he has what the it takes to make the changes that count and to determine and make his way towards the goals that LLA needs.

    You're an excellent admin, Cactus, but I can't lend you my support at this time.
  4. IMVader

    IMVader Well-Known Member

    1) Have you played lately, besides admining? If not, why?
    2) Which IC names do you regularly use?
    3) Which jobs do you pick, and why?
    4) What activities usually take most of your time while playing (chasing criminal scum, breeding slimes, greytiding, drinking fuel...)?
    5) Have you been antag lately?
    6) How do you feel with the current rules and what would you change?
    7) How far will a player have to go to get banned or job-banned?
    8) What is the minimal responsibility of someone picking an important job in the station (AI, Captain, CE, Sec Officer...)?

    EDIT: It seems unlikely Flavored will be chosen Headmin, given the lack of support from senior admins. I'd like to highlight some of his points nevertheless.
    Pro: He is, among the candidates, the most active. At least in my opinion. I saw nobody answer as much AHelps as he does, and he does it well. I may not agree on every one of his rulings, but I have not seen him yet abuse.
    Con: He is, among the candidates, the most active. That makes anyone's flaws more evident, both by getting too involved with the server and by simply showing his less-than-desirable points in a larger quota than other admins.

    That said, he is a very good admin and will be a good runner for Headmin in the future unless he goes Cody-crazy (no offense intended, Cody).
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  5. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    1) Yes i play all the time, there are sometimes when i just admin though.
    2) I have 3 characters which i shuffle through every few rounds or so to avoid the possible metagrudge, i wont list them here for that very reason.
    3) All of them for different reasons mostly security when i want to be helpful and protect whatever department i get from whatever crazy issues come there way. Engineer when i want to setup the engine and do *projects*
    4) chasing criminal scum, breeding slimes, greytiding, drinking fuel
    5) Sometimes, when i get it i either a) silently do my objective b) silently do my objective and remove troublemakers when they cause trouble c) let loose
    6) The rules are great as is
    7) I am a lenient admin, if someone is willing to accept that what they did was detrimental to the server and the other players and is willing to avoid the action they may be given a second chance. that being said if someone is here just to ruin other people's enjoyment of the game and they have no care to play legitly they may find themself banned. those who are cooperative or made a honest mistake might just find a note on there account if there is no history of repeated offences.
    8) They are responsible for there actions, cant be having a head or sec do things detrimental to the crew. If you chose to play a head or sec role your minimum requirement is to be especially accountable for your actions and the safety of the crew as the job relates. AIs are expected to follow there laws.
  6. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    Alright, lets start from the beginning:

    When we didn't give you negative support, you instantly sent me and Keyword message that it is "Clear I have personal vendetta against you

    you constantly complain to Rebel that he should fire Kokojo for a minor mistake he made, and one of those mistakes are... guess what... a mapping issue! And he was fired!

    So yeah, you constantly searched for errors he made and reported him to seniors so he can be fired, you had part in it.

    I can guess that the same thing happened to Pikaman today.

    Yes, you annoyed the fuck out of him by "Helping"

    So, can we see how you "helped" Pikaman that day?
    So, ever since I said that you push the limits of borderline IC game play, you kept trash talking on me and everyone else that agreed on it in the admin chat even today.

    What the fuck? Does no one sees a problem with the trash talking in admin chat about every post that is against the rules or something? Is that a group to help solve the cases or a group to shit on other people? So you see NO problem with shitting on someone in private chats? You see no problem accusing me that I have a vendetta against you from me not giving you my support? Do you do it regularly since it is ok to do that? Are you saying that you did insult others in there?
    His defensive altitude on his centcomm map he created, made Cactus, Ancient and Rebel to feel that he doesn't belong there. Including Cactus cussing him for trying to host thunderdome match for dead players.

    Was he exaggerating by a simple thunderdome match that will ensure that dead people on long changeling rounds have fun?
    As far as I can see, you only had a problem when he was hosting it, not anyone else.

    Editted. Adminchat stays in adminchat.

    See? He doesn't even care about people who are in the round. He just wants this server to be cold murderboning game each round.
  7. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    Editted. Adminchat stays in adminchat.

    A - Ive seen an uppermin accidentally mishandle it.
    B - Other than that, ive never even seen it used

    I dont particularly Care. And the onpinions for eremoving it or legit. But its also a pet project someone has enjoyed creating, perhaps tone down the bashing a bit?
    [12:49:14 AM] Ancient: [12:48 AM] Dustin.N "Jariah":

    <Editted. Adminchat stays in adminchat.

    {No idea what you meant by this edit forum guard}
  8. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    Editted. Adminchat stays in adminchat.

    Wait, so you see no problem about his behavior against several players and admins, but you see a problem because he isn't a senior yet?(~~ more than a year of admining) You don't see any problems in LLA. I dunno why, but you always stepped in instead of Rebel to speak in the name of seniors. Were you hired because of that? As far as I can see, you got denied for a lack of supports on your apps, and hired 2 days after that. And you rarely admined there. You just show up on the forums to explain something and deny what is true.

    What are seniors doing?
    I see no changes whatsoever:
    Turns out to be nothing from this.

    Also, remember the rule "remake" that stayed the same and were even messier?

    So it seems to me that senior group is a group that discusses what NOT to do for the community.


    Well fuck you Crow. If he can trash talk about the community, than I guess that we can bring some points of him in this thread.


    Also, if you want a head of staff, I guess that they need a minimum requirement of being able to be a mayor dickhead.

    Editted. Adminchat stays in adminchat.
    {Insert deleted admin trash talk logs here}
  9. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    Editted. Adminchat stays in adminchat.
    I can also see that you ignored Kokojo's feedback, why is that?

    And I will ask you the same thing you asked me in private:
    What is your problem?

    Edit: Forgot to mention.

    Is having some minor free time as security against being looted from their equipment each round, by the very same person, then getting stripped and handcuffed for 30 minutes with the brig completely destroyed medium RP, than all I can say that this isn't freedom you speak of.
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  10. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Infernus change ur name to 05hardernus44 ur NSA.
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  11. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    How am I Hardy if I don't give my support to a guy that doesn't deserve to be a headmin?
  12. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Thats rude :c
    Edit:seriously u sound liek hardy :-o
  13. Keyword22

    Keyword22 Well-Known Member

    Well if admin chat stays in adminchat,
    Can I atleast say that Admins really dislike Cody, QuantumWings, Infernus and some others and were trashtalking them in your sekrit chat?.
    If you're going to talk shit about a person, say it where they can hear it.
    "Oh hey dude I don't think your behaviours has been this good, could you try not to do this kinds of things a or do them less"
    Could've been handled a lot more maturely than insulting them inside your group, y'know?
    And then coming here, pretending we're good loving friends.

    Not related to the thread but can be happily arranged by moving the discussion to another, moving the posts to it too.
  14. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    Yup, LWS removed admin logs that involved their trash talk. Shame...
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  15. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Too late i remember the content of that before 05hardernus44 edidet et. adminbus fix
    BTW whats this "drache(raphael)"? it his name?
  16. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    It is also a shame that in the instant that the logs showed up, they contacted Lone to remove it.
    Is your biggest concern that admin trashtalk stays in admin trashtalk?
  17. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    I guess "behind the scene" should stay in "behind the scene"
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  18. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Le Bump.

    Double posting is fun.
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  19. Infernus...I like you...you often say things that need to be said...I agree with you far more often than I agree with Cactus.

    But honestly, you are completely validating FC's accusation of a "vendetta" with your conduct here. You are acting like an obsessive froth-mouthed lunatic. You made your point, you said your piece, now you are just discrediting yourself with each post.
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  20. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if I don't want Flavored for a headmin. I believe that I have a right to show you Cactus behind the scenes, at how he thinks about some community players and how he acts to remove certain people from the admin team. If seniors can't see how he acts, nor see any problems with him acting like that, I believe that the community should. This shit was going on for few months, and nothing has changed.
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