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Discussion in 'General' started by Flavo, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Figured id make some sort of pseudo-blogpost thing (Psycho, please implement blogs into forums) to discuss development, direction, and whats next at least from my projects.

    Icesteroid Station: gonna be pausing this development at least until the other stuff below are finished, its a big order and ultimately should be the icing on the cake, the cake should come first. At this point in time it is on draft 6 as i want to make it perfect and likeable given that if accepted, it will be the main station and that should mean something. the new gameplay mechanics should also be something that isnt just a one off gimmick but a new part of ls13. I am not RIP in peaceing this project, no fear. this isn't "New Map: soon(tm)"

    Tablet Refactor: When i first made tables i made them horribly unoptimized and i really should go back and remake it from scratch using what i know now and datums as well, you probably wont see a difference but its worth mentioning

    Command Gameplay: I had an idea of something like this but lost interest but I am likely going to revive it in lieu of this thread.. or atleast, what it turned into tl;dr captain feels like a chore with no reward and normally results in players being bored/stressed from running kindergarten station 13. Perhaps include some sort of remake to the way tasks are assigned and completed and offering more options for captains to use in the communications console, maybe reward them with green text if certain things are pulled off.

    Extended end round results: no, not extended the game mode. additionally information about the round rather then who the antags were and who green texted. including tasks assigned, tasks completed. how many random events fired. who the captain was and grade of the station. I would need to talk to drache about database implementation and maybe sometime in the future implement some sort of shift history like "Last shift: Liberty Hub 5 ran by Captain Jayce Wise. Grade: B"

    The above 3 i might just include in 1 super combo pack.

    This is a discussion, nothing is set in stone, what would you like to see?
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  2. Felix Feufer

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  3. Flavo

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    Yes i saw it, no plans to do this my self...

    This might extend into may due to being distracted with GTAV
  4. Felix Feufer

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    Mabblies said he'd do it a month ago, and since then we've heard nothing from him but that he's been too lazy. I know YOU could do it *wink wink*
  5. Mabblies

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    I'll do it within a year I promise

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