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Discussion in 'General' started by Cody522, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Cody522

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    The HoS is the least desirable to be the acting captain? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt

    The chain of captain inheritance has always been Captain -> HoP -> HoS. It's supposed to be a military succession. Of course they're all equal rank at least until the captain slot opens up.

    The other heads don't even register on the radar of that kind of authority. Typically by that point you would call the shuttle if those three are dead and most likely the station turned to hell, and everyone probably has all access. Or some powergaming guy made himself the captain and everyone just rolls with it.
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  2. Incorrect. All I will post on this point: http://www.ss13.eu/wiki/index.php/Chain_of_Command

    The CoC has been this way for the entire two years I have played SS13, yet there is for some reason a widespread belief that the HoS is third in line.

    HoS is the worst choice to be acting Cap because:

    -The Captain is supposed to act as a check and balance on executions.
    -The HoS is the busiest head as far as their own job is concerned, without the added responsibility of being acting Cap.

    I'm taking a break now.
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  3. Cody522

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    tg changed their rules, what a surprise. Reminds me of the time their wiki also made murder a 10 minute crime. Then I had to argue with some player about it when I was an admin.
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  4. :confused:
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    Chain of command is a IC issue. the wiki both on our wiki and tg wiki are inconsistent, it says the warden is above sec but on the guide for security it says the warden is equal to detective and officer. I cant think of a time where it matters who ends up taking the spare and a admin has to jump in and say "no he gets it". We have our own wiki and wikis of any sort shouldn't be used as server policy, we got the rules for that. HOS wants to take the acting captain role? go for it. just as long as the decision to get the captain role isnt met by BATTLE.
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  6. Psyentific

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    No, fuck you. MORTAL COMBAT!! is a perfectly legitimate (and fun) way to determine chain of succession disputes.
  7. ProbablyBaron

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    I've always considered Warden and Officer to be of equal rank and authority (sans Armory business) and prefer to promote Officers to HoS rather than Wardens for the sake of time efficiency.
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  9. kadingir

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    This is how it has been for as long as i can remember.

    I would go into moar detail but i can't.
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  10. QuantumWings

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    Acting Captain < Everyone Else
    Whoever is the first to declare themselves acting captain is the least suited for the job.
    I can't count how many times the "captain" has gotten a stay in the permabrig after starting a fight with other heads. The accusations of mutiny are always good for a laugh.
  11. Raptorblaze

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    The actual wiki chain of command was basically organized so the head with the least essential duties in an emergency takes over as captain.
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  12. cheif264

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    I was always under the impression that it went captain < HoP < HoS too though recently i have learned that is wrong it seems confusing that any of the heads can just go "I am now the acting captain" (because thats what it seems to sound like they can do) and then just go through with that.
  13. Cody522

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    I've declared myself as the Clowntain several times and it usually goes well.
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  14. Mindtrixx

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    Going off the wiki HoS is always last in CoH.

    Something like Cap - HoP - RD (because teleporter access) or CE (because engine) - CMO - HOS.

    Yeah same, people usually accept clowns as captains for some odd reason.

    I assume its because they either:
    A) Know Clown/Mime robustness is real
    B) Want !!FUN!!
    C) Are looking for a reason to permabrig the clown.
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  15. kadingir

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