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Why haven't you posted a reply and picture yet?

  1. Because I'm lazy.

  2. Because I have never been on the forums before

  3. Because I've never heard of Alt-Printscreen

  4. Because I've never done anything cool in SS13

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  1. He later accidentally lasers a few people while trying to kill spiders, then complains when someone else shoots him. lol

    I appreciate that snow makes LLA videos, but he's a bit of a glutton for punishment. They tend to attract a lot of criticism of his playing. ;P
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  2. I was just observing the end of the round and didn't really want to play, when a player said he wanted to learn xeno and another player offered to help. Newer player said he would go scientist next round. I notice that the guy who offered to teach dropped out of the lobby and the rookie readied. Wasn't going to play, but felt duty call. Selected scientist in job preferences and readied.

    Round starts. I'm a traitor. Rookie player says in OOC that his preferences didn't save. Dammit. I debate closing the game but the temptation is too much. Objectives are to steal a functional AI (which I am terribad at) and escape.

    I start working in xeno, say "hi" over science channel, check crew manifest. I'm the only person working in the science department. Great, that will give me some privacy. Work away, quickly get gold.

    Then a late join RD stumbled in, and wouldn't stop looking over my shoulder. I got adamantine and started feeding it. RD hovered around and it looked like he wanted to be the one to activate the runes and get some golems. He was in my way.

    Popped into a locker, bought a revolver and some ammo. Strolled back over and pumped the RD full of lead. Got the adamantine extracts and made some runes, quickly got two golems. One was obviously the RD player and he was a great sport about things. I let them know I needed a functional AI and they strolled off, I dumped the RD's body and other evidence out of xeno disposals into space, and I started harvesting gold extracts. The AI announced that he was going offline and one of my golems stated over the science channel that this would make our job much easier.

    Captain heard it. Quickly a handful of people burst into xeno and I got in a shootout with them. Golems came back and started brawling, golems and people went down left and right, golems kept respawning each other with runes I had left on the ground, and Ryan Leech, a lawyer, critted and cuffed me.

    Ryan dragged me to medbay, healed me, then dragged me to perma wing with another lawyer, Alearion Flint. There, I told Ryan I had a shard in my backpack and he should kill and shade me (which I thought would be more eventful than rotting in perma). He started to kill me and Flint dropped him, killed him and shaded him, then uncuffed me. Captain and HoP waltzed into perma, shade of Ryan attacked and was taken out, and Flint and I killed the captain and HoP and disguised ourselves as them. Flint and I went together and carded the AI for me and then grabbed his ablative vest before parting ways. At around this time my golems showed up and they had ANOTHER functional AI for me, that they built themselves by blowing a borg.

    I hoped into the sec pod with my golems in tow and told them to kill anyone who opened the door except for Alearion Flint. Time ticked down, seemed we'd have a quiet exit. Then, at the very last second, a sec officer opened the pod door and accidentally spaced themselves, and both of my golems were sucked out into space as well. A fittingly hilarious and absurd ending to one of the most ridiculous rounds I've ever had.

  3. Flahhh Personson

    Flahhh Personson Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry. I was the prospective tutor. My internet died midway through the shuttle transit, so I decided to go to bed. Gregory Stevens, noble and robust as ever.

    I suppose I owe it to you to give you another story, then, since I'm posting here! Right, what have I done that's impressive..? Nothing. Great. Silliness, then.

    As a traitor, I had the objectives Kill Mari Juana (Assistant) and Escape Alone. Because of my self-imposed rules and inability to escape alone without killing anyone, I turned myself in. Warden gave zero shits, apart from asking for my PDA. So I spent a while just... messing around in the brig. Cap came in, started being a comdom. I pointed this out, cap suggested I was permabrigged for insulting him. Warden can hardly go against this publicly, so he puts me in a temporary cell, saying he'll 'transfer me later' and confiscating my RD gear. A shame.

    At that point, something inside my character changed. I snatched up my bedsheet, tied it into a cape, and decided to be THE HERO THE BRIG DESERVES. Warden let me out once the captain was over on the other side of the brig, and I immediately ran over and claimed glorious vengeance by punching my foe in the mouth. One-hit knockdown. Being the merciful superhero I am, I backed off, letting the captain get up, and got lethals turned on me for my trouble. Warden came to my aid, tasing the captain before being reminded that he was, in fact, aiding a syndie. He continues to give 0 shits and tosses the captain into perma, promoting the HoP to his place. I go back to being a superhero, choosing not to go to the shuttle when the time came and instead rebuilding the station with my small gang of superheroes, which I believe consisted of me, an assistant, a clown and a friendly enough changeling that couldn't complete his objectives. Fun was had.

    That was quite a wall. I do apologise.
  4. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Holy crap, I should get some golems some time. They actually built you a functional AI?
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  5. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    Round start. The HoP is comatose, and his office has been commandeered by the Chaplain.

    [22:39:01]SAY: Ryan Leech: all access?
    [22:39:06]SAY: Finn Osteen: I want all access, so I can walk into important places and clean and freak people out
    [22:39:09]SAY: Ryan Leech: sure
    [22:39:10]SAY: Ryan Leech: id

    The brig is scrubbed to an inch of its life, with the HoS spending most of his time face-down in a puddle begging the janitor to leave. A brush with death in the form of an extraordinarily lax xenobiology department.

    The captain has arrived late on the station. While gearing up in their office, the Janitor opens the door and walks in, dragging a bucket.

    [23:02:44]SAY: Jayce Wise: Janitor
    [23:02:46]SAY: Finn Osteen : housekeepiiing

    Random floor tiles are mopped.

    [23:02:46]SAY: Jayce Wise: Out
    [23:02:52]SAY: Finn Osteen : yes, I clean outside too

    The janitor is flashed, strip-searched and buckled to a chair. The bucket is briefly in peril.

    [23:03:18]SAY: Finn Osteen : bucket!
    [23:03:22]SAY: Finn Osteen : I need to clean
    [23:03:35]SAY: Finn Osteen : I cleeeeean
    [23:04:05]SAY: Jayce Wise: Alrighty
    [23:04:15]SAY: Jayce Wise: Where did you get the ID
    [23:04:26]SAY: Finn Osteen : I offer wood floor valet.
    [23:04:45]SAY: Jayce Wise: How do you have access?
    [23:04:46]SAY: Finn Osteen : I am housekeepiiiiing. i got ID to clean.
    [23:04:55]SAY: Jayce Wise: Who gave it to you
    [23:05:08]SAY: Jayce Wise: Who gave you the ID
    [23:05:19]SAY: Finn Osteen : No speak good eenglish. You want clean?
    [23:05:19]SAY: Jayce Wise: Do we have a HOP?
    [23:05:32]SAY: Finn Osteen : We offer wood floor valet.
    [23:05:35]SAY: Jayce Wise: Who gave you access to my office
    [23:05:40]SAY: Finn Osteen : Housekeepiing.
    [23:05:54]PDA: Jayce Wise (PDA: PDA-Jayce Wise (Captain)) sent "Did you give the janitor access to the captain's office?" to PDA-Meatius Sullivan (Head of Personnel)
    [23:06:27]SAY: Jayce Wise: Janitor, who gave you the access
    [23:06:30]SAY: Finn Osteen : You want clean?
    [23:06:38]SAY: Finn Osteen : Machine very dusty
    [23:06:38]SAY: Jayce Wise: Who
    [23:06:46]SAY: Finn Osteen : Good choice in game
    [23:06:55]SAY: Jayce Wise: Where is the HOP
    [23:06:56]SAY: Finn Osteen : Housekeepiiiing need ID
    [23:07:04]ADMIN: Capt_ironblood/(Jayce Wise) : you fucker
    [23:07:10]ADMIN: LemonSoup/(Finn Osteen) : I clean for you
    [23:07:12]ADMIN: Capt_ironblood/(Jayce Wise) : I KNEW IT WAS YOU
    [23:07:19]SAY: Jayce Wise: WHO GAVE YOU THE ID
    [23:07:26]SAY: Jayce Wise: WHO GAVE YOU ACCESS
    [23:07:31]SAY: Finn Osteen : I am to clean
    [23:07:43]ADMIN: Capt_ironblood/(Jayce Wise) : I CAN'T TAKE THIS INVESTIGATION SERIOUSLY ANYMORE
    [23:07:46]ADMIN: Capt_ironblood/(Jayce Wise) : FUCK YOU
    [23:07:48]EMOTE: Finn Osteen : <B>Finn Osteen</B> begins wiping table
    [23:07:50]SAY: Jayce Wise: NO
    [23:07:51]SAY: Finn Osteen : ee ee ee ee ee

    The janitor, buckled next to the Captain's desk, picks up a pen and paper, writing a poorly-spelt letter of cleaning permission. The captain's stamp is used to make it official.

    [23:08:45]SAY: Finn Osteen : I am captain approved to clean
    [23:08:49]SAY: Finn Osteen : housekeeppiiing
    [23:09:13]SAY: Jayce Wise: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
    [23:09:27]SAY: Finn Osteen : you sound stress
    [23:09:32]SAY: Finn Osteen : you know what calm me down?
    [23:09:38]SAY: Jayce Wise: ...
    [23:09:43]SAY: Finn Osteen : making thing clean
    [23:09:46]SAY: Finn Osteen : I clean for you!
    [23:10:05]SAY: Finn Osteen : You too busy to clean and calm down. So I clean. For you.
    [23:10:17]SAY: Jayce Wise: FINE THEN
    [23:10:20]SAY: Jayce Wise: FUCKING
    [23:10:21]SAY: Jayce Wise: FUCK
    [23:10:24]SAY: Finn Osteen : I love captain. Captain is stress so I can clean.
    [23:10:32]ADMIN: Capt_ironblood/(Jayce Wise) : Fucking janitor
  6. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Was this the round where I stole your cart and you didn't realize it was me till later?
  7. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    Yeah. You dick.
  8. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    Was that the round you came into Atmos and I was shouting at you, YOU CLEAN
  9. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Wat is dis?
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  10. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    I could be mistaken but that looks like 3 separate blob players on the shuttle. That or its just 3 nodes.
  11. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Now I see it, it wasn't loading before (for whatever reason).
  12. 3 blob players, also a blob zombie!
  13. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member


    Lol What just happend..JPG

    Sadly Round got fucked by early shuttel call due to sing geting loose.

    Also Mute sting plus rad bow esword = OP
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  14. Flahhh Personson

    Flahhh Personson Well-Known Member

    I just had my best traitor round yet.

    I'm trying Barman out for the second or third time.

    Assassinate [REDACTED BECAUSE SCIENCE], the Virologist.
    Hijack the emergency shuttle by escaping alone.

    I begin, see my objectives, sigh and decide not to bother, on account of ending people's rounds being a Bad Thing and escaping alone pretty much necessitating it. I have a nice, codeword-filled chat over radio, finding that the Chemist was a traitor in the process. Many Beepsky Smash<->CH trades later, the viro I was after wanders into the bar and says I've been acting shady. Since I give no shits about my objective, I explain matters and he... doesn't care. He sticks around for a while, though, drinking and chatting, when I decide to mention a little party trick.

    'Ever injected a cigarette with 15u of welding fuel? The noise freaks people out.'

    He then leaves for a moment, comes back with a full tank of welding fuel on account of being an insane person, and we begin science with that and various drinks. I don't want to publish the results here, but you can do a lot of fun things with a cigarette and a syringe. He informs me in OOC he has to go, and promptly kills himself. I forcefeed him some DD out of principle, then go to space the body. Fast-forward to escape time.

    Chemist's target suicides, he kills the RD, we're the last two people on the station because it was a low-pop round, so we call with the RD's ID and chat about objectives...
    We both have Escape Alone, it's his first time, and the shuttle's almost here.

    We board, I barricade all the doors but one to stop anyone else boarding, and wait for the shuttle to launch. It goes smoothly, we do the regular locker and sleeper checks. No-one home. He talks about how we should go to CentCom together, and friendship was more important than the Syndicate, which was a touching bit of RP I decided to play along with.

    'They'll kill you if you don't finish your objectives.'
    30 seconds.
    'I don't care.'
    I draw an energy gun.
    'If you jump, I jump.'
    15. Time to do something.
    I run around the window to where he is, fire a stun bolt to incapacitate him, and jump out of the shuttle with two seconds to spare. He escapes alone and gets his first greentext. I crashed on round end, and so didn't get his name, but if you read this, thanks for an amazing tator round and congratulations on your first win!
  15. LLA needs more Flahhhs.
  16. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I had a great round with Kate Smollett Friday night.

    I was a traitor assistant, tasked with killing Kegsey. I decided to go murderboner (Third time in my life.) at the time as well. I broke into engineering and stole an Engineering Hardsuit, with the CE congratulating me on how fast I broke in.
    I fly off up to Security, where I plan on breaking into the armory. Kate Smollett, the warden, decides to get into a Security Hardsuit and chase me down in space. We have a space fight from the space near armory all the way to the singularity. I end up hiding in a locker but she finds me.

    I am taken to permabrig. Few minutes later, Kate, Wolfgang, and Honker Man decide to "interrogate" me. It was fruitless, but something interesting happened: As Kate took me back to permabrig, she whispered to me "Do not worry, you're freedom will come." and then left. Fast forward about ten minutes and Kate comes up, asking me for the Syndicate Phrase. I have nothing to lose, so I say it, and low and behold, she says the other half. She tells me about her plot to kill Security, and we share objectives. Every five minutes she comes and "checks in" on me, secretly giving me an Emag and energy gun. I was told to Emag out in a few minutes, and so I did. Honker Man (The Detective) tried to stop me, but I was able to shoot him and run. Kate then proceeds to murder him with me, and we drag his body to execution. I proceed to take the identity of Honker Man, and join up with Security.

    Kate needed to steal an AI and Magboots and then escape alone. I was able to use the dead body of Honker Man and create an AI within the execution room, and gave it to her. She was able to get the magboots from a clown that was arrested. With her objectives over, we decided to tackle mine. I track down Kegsey at the bridge (Who is completely decked out in genetic modifications). He ALMOST got me, but I was able to shoot him and finish him off. At the time, I was constantly being hit with a wrench because of Mr. Jones and his telekinesis. I dumped Kegsey's body in disposals, and almost had to jump in myself. I ran down to the HoP office almost dead, where Mr. Jones jumps me with a floor tile. I am in severe red and unconscious. In the VERY last second, I was able to get up and shoot him with a revolver until he died.

    I proceeded to dump Kegseys body in maintenance disposals and use the crusher to mangle what is left. I leave on an escape pod, and Kate leaves alone on the shuttle.

    We were the only two traitors that won that round, and I never experienced a traitor helping another traitor in the three years that I played. So for that, I tip my hat to battleralarm3 for being an excellent person.
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    Hey guys!

    Due to the extreme popularity of this thread, we've decided to give you guys your own forum to post in. As a result, this thread will be moved to the new forum and locked as an archive, still fully available to read.

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