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Discussion in 'Tales From Liberty Space!' started by Doctor K, Jan 5, 2013.


Why haven't you posted a reply and picture yet?

  1. Because I'm lazy.

  2. Because I have never been on the forums before

  3. Because I've never heard of Alt-Printscreen

  4. Because I've never done anything cool in SS13

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  1. Doctor K

    Doctor K Member

    I just had one of my favorite moments in SS13, and took a screenshot. Now you guys do it too!

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  2. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    i was the PAI that round
  3. Rocco Ward

    Rocco Ward Well-Known Member

    This moment was freakin epic!



    What happened? I will just quote an admin who happened to be observing the event in OOC after the round finished.

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  4. Carl Rifter

    Carl Rifter BANNED

    OOC: Cron222: Rocco just impressed the hell out of me. Carded the AI while dragging a prisoner through a class 5 sing and still had time to stop and arrest another antag on his way to the shuttle. BRAVO
  5. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    I don't keep screencaps of my exploits, but I have to say I enjoyed testing out the Grapes of Wrath on people, then watch security try to figure out just why the librarian is punching out a random assistant while screaming obscenities.

    As for non-spawnables, probably when I wind up using regular talking to get all kinds of nonsense going (Implicating folks as traitors, making them think they're going crazy, generally being strange IC (It's Halloween?!? I NEED PUMPKINS!))
  6. AquaDraco

    AquaDraco Active Member

  7. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    This topic makes me wish I took a screenshot of when three ed-209s chased me through the station because I pulled a taser as an atmos tech
  8. Rocco Ward

    Rocco Ward Well-Known Member

    Bumping this from an epic round a little while ago with multiple lings. I didn't think to take any screenshots but it was chaos. TOTAL CHAOS.

    FYI - I was a ling.

    Round starts off pretty normal for the most part, before the bodies start to go missing. Pretty soon there is a shout of the radio of the mime being a ling, and then almost everything on the radio goes silent. The people that "discover" the bodies and report it, suddenly go missing. Paranoia is high, because a lot of the lings are using their transformation ability very well and keeping the crew divided and confused.

    During the middle of the round - lings are practically confirmed, and they (the lings) make a mad rush to neutralize the security team that went without a hitch. Then they focus on killing the rest of the crew. That's when a few problems start. During this there were a few times some of them were captured... but they were never fully gibbed or killed because another ling would intercept and rescue. Notable mention goes out to Tarkus Solarius (is that how you spell it? Lol) Who we kept alive because he was helping (unknowling) the lings as we pulled his strings to get him to do things. (like break me out of permabrig :p )

    As for me,

    Then there was a moment where the HoP (Black Jack) and a assistant (Cognac Faust) had discovered a body and called me in to show me, I took the opportunity to attack them when one got door shocked. It confirmed my ling presence and they managed to escape (due to ungodly lag) before I could kill them both in maintenance.

    Shortly after, I ran into HoP's office by chance and both of them are there, and I get lucky with my egun and took them both down. Cuff'dem, and buckled them to chairs. While this is happening a good size of the crew (4 people) are outside HoP's office watching. Both HoP and Faust are screaming I'm a ling and I had to turn the tables. So of course, I accused them both of being lings eating the dead bodies in maintenance. I ask my ling brothers for some assistance. So another ling decides to disguise themselves as Kyra Rose (the HoS) and walk into HoP's office. Kyra then agrees with me on confirming the pair are a ling. The crew outside HoP's is about to riot and kill everyone inside if we don't do something fast. So. Perseus was contacted over the radio. This is where it gets interesting.

    I "try" to frame them both by being the sole person to communicate with Perseus and saying I found them absorbing a person in maintenance. Instead of just wholehearted believing everything I say, Perseus wants to talk to the accused. Caught me a little off guard... but ok. I can do tha- NO! WAIT! Better idea! I pretend to hook up Black Jack's HoP headset to his ear but I don't actually do it. Then I sting him with a "deaf" sting so he can't hear what's about to happen. I then change my voice into Black Jack while everyone is standing next to me. I tell Perseus (as Black Jack) that I wasn't touching those bodies, it was all Cognac. He was absorbing them! IT WAS HIM! NOT ME!

    I was playing them against each other.

    By then. The people outside HoP's office were really confused and had broken inside. They didn't know who to kill or save. Perseus had gone quiet. Cognac manages to get unbuckled and realizes what had happen, because the REAL Black Jack said he couldn't hear anything. He managed to connect the dots, and also determined that Kyra Rose (the ling HoS) was fake. Then Cognac makes a quick dash to freedom, while Black Jack gets dragged off to be eaten by the fake HoS. Alright so... Cognac is still a threat to us... so.... I transform as him (using the take DNA sting) and just start unloading eguns into peoples faces left and right. I murderboned everything in sight. Sure enough, Cognac stops talking on the radio (prolly because one of the "barely" alive victims took him out) I then ditch his DNA and transform into some afk at arrivals.

    Finally Perseus decides to come on board. All the lings are shitting bricks over what to do. The plan was to build a borg army from the dead bodies, but there wasn't enough time. Perseus gets split up, and two of them arrest one of the lings. I grab an adult slime from Xenobiology and throw it in a locker and proceed along my way to rescue my brother. I approach Perseus as the other ling is handcuffed, park the locker beside them and open it up. I think it caught them a little by surprise. While the slime is glomping on the floor I pull out my energy guns and start firing.

    A big gunfight happens, and the other ling is still handcuffed/being dragged around. A few times I got shot, and a few times Perseus got shot. Then when one of the Perseus got shot down again, the adult slime attaches itself to him as he tries to retreat away dragging the prisoner. During this, I believe the other ling I was rescuing broke free from his cuffs. We take down the other Perseus. Lazer them both to death. And the whole time the chaplin is watching through the glass inside tool storage. Just sitting there. WATCHING. Lol. This all happened below EVA, to the left-ish, in the main hallway. And me and the other ling decide... fuck it.... let's absorb them right here. Right in the open. And so we do. And the chaplin just.... sits there.. And me and the ling take notice of this and are like... uhhh... we won't kill you... since you didn't interfere in our battle. And he was like, "Cool".

    Then after we finish nibbling on Perseus. (who tasted delicious btw) That damn adult slime starts to attack me and the other ling. Nearly kills us both! The shuttle gets called. We both go into courtroom to feign death and get healed. We arrive on the shuttle in time. I sting a few people with transformation sting to make them appear as lings. And scream, OH GAWD HE JUST TRANSFORMED! HE'S A LING! KILLLL HIIIMMM! To make this better, there was a security borg on board, and two other Perseus (one was legit, the other was a ling) The Perseus stuns me, arrests me, and is about to space me before someone stops him. The shuttle is about to land. Perseus is fighting the other lings. The borg and other crew are killing the fake lings (who I sting with transformation stings). I'm handcuffed... and there is no time. The airlock is open. Perseus is standing right in front of it.... so I DIVE AT HIM TRYING TO PUSH HIM OUT. But little did I know...

    my intent was mistakenly set to HELP.... which means....

    I slam into him, but instead of pushing him out of the way, we switch spots and I dive out the airlock.


    That. was. still. pretty. fucking. epic. regardless. :cool:

    Sorry to the people that died that round and weren't brought back to life though. We did want to borg you all on our side, or use admantine slimes to create a golem army, but there wasn't enough time.

    And I wish I had taken some screenshots too.

    My god. How I love this game. <333
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  9. Presenting you, pack of lulz.
    Why waste your time to kill them, if you can make them kill themselves!
    (bcs 1 guard is not enuff)
    Hats off.
    Presents! In the closet!
    Sorry for taking so much space of the thread.
    Glory to Arstotzka.
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  10. mindly_anarch

    mindly_anarch Active Member

    1) It's Tarkus Solaire
    2) I was aquiring the soap for the CMO, since you were in the permabrig you got a free ticket out :p Then I saw Syn dressed as an assistant and when she nods instead of replying (The original one barely ever uses emotes, although this may be going into meta/powergame territory, I dunno about this one. Is observing people's attitudes then shooting down impostors who don't match meta?) I stun her and proceed to cuff her, turns out my anti-tox smoke was broken and I get screwed over anyway :L
  11. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    I was the fake HoS that round i ran to absorb the HoP when percy busts in and guns me down.
  12. Get chased by HoS, assistant, some other head, and an officer. My first reaction when I've seen them near entrace to medbay. THEY DID NOT EXPECT DIS.
    they've done a circle around medbay, used crew monitoring console, checked disposals. nuffing.
  13. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    My favorite moments come up when a trial in session turns into a bloodbath.
  14. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    was this you Ihavenoidea?
  15. Yes. I was tripping balls.
  16. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    lol that would be so fucking scary

    RAPxMASTER Member

    My favorite moment was the round where Jacob Heisenberg, Scotty McRath, Alex Collins, and Sawyer Anderson did some awesome power rangers stuff and took a pictures. At that moment we were better then any Perseus Team could be. We transcended beyond Justice and Law.
  18. >scan myself for any reagents inside my blood
    find only anti-paralysis medicine and anti toxins.
    >still be on drugs, even if drugs aren't in your blood or body.
  19. Carl Rifter

    Carl Rifter BANNED

    He PMed me. You would not believe what we had to go through to fix this.

    For some reason the drug had worn off but the effect was locked in place. I even killed him and ghetto rezzed him and it still wouldn't shake the effect.
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