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    List of event related medals and how to get them: (YOU NEED TO BE ON THE SERVER WHEN THE ROUND ENDS TO ACHIEVE)
    What the fuck was that? - Witness a immovable rod fly by or hit you
    Selfless Surgery - Cure someone else's appendicitis
    Brrr, It's cold in here - Be the unlucky person to have the sudden cooldown event hit them
    Bzzzzzzzzzt - Be the unlucky person to have a EMP wave hit them
    nothing - Participate in the "Nothing" event
    Xeno Scum! - Pass and survive the alien infestation event
    Level 5 Bio-hazard - Destroy a blob during a blob event
    That is a big bear - Survive a cosmic space bear of death
    April Fooled! - Participate in the april fool's day event
    It Sees You - Be in the same room as the eye horror when it spawns
    Assimilate! - Be in the same room as the hivebots when they spawns
    Suddenly on fire - Be in the same room as a random anomaly when it spawns
    Going Green - Get radiated by the radiation storm
    Syndicate Jumpscare - Get spooked by byndicates
    Who put the rat in the toilet?! - Participate in the leaky plumbing event
    Munchies - Get infected by the sudden hunger event
    Witness a miracle - Witness an animal transform
    Happy Birthday - Receive a mystery gift
    Task Master - Complete a task with the export grade of A
    I Survived The Rift - Survive the bluespace rift​
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    Is there a way we'll be able to display these in a way that isn't spammy and in chat? Maybe just see them when we go on people's forum profiles so that it's discrete?
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    Currently you can view your own via a panel. Seeing or checking others will be when drache finally makes the web panel. for now screenshot your loot and share with friends i guess.
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