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    Why did you bring me into this
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    You made me choke on my drink.
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    Emergency Blankets!

    Okay so we're all fumbling around with the whole "What could we IMPLIMENT (Yes felix, ive seen you hooping and hollaring about firesuits. But this is for the sake of ceativity, <3) to make space a TAD less deadly?!"

    Imagine, if you will, in two or three spots around the station we had a square emergency case. Inside this case there was a metallic looking blanket. This blanket, when worn, would look much like the blanket capes but, What pray tell, would be the purposes of this blanket?!

    SO, this blanket would have a one time use effect of warming itself (And the wearer) to a point where the coldness of space would only be a nagging shiver. Youd still get the "Uncomfortably cold" alert but not the "You're freezing to death" alert. This in concert with the air tank would be more than enough for the run to or from a department, even if there was a need to stop and hack.

    BONUS: Tired of that pesky traitor atmos (Or nontraitor, who cares.) whos running around through plasma on fire? Cant seem to communicate to someone how to 'Resist' to put the fire out? Feel like spraying someone full in the face with a fire extinguisher is demeaning or otherwise overkill? Luckily a metallic blanket such as this one can be used to smother the fire FOR someone! Another life saved by jartech industries! (More orderable via cargo/Occasionaly found in emergency toolboxes)

    HOWEVER, i will note, that felix and flat are more or less right on the button here. Moooost of the time even if EVA is cleaned out (Which is more or less something thats ignored once space suits are nessisary for moment to moment survival.) then you can survive for plenty long enough to find an alternate option.
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