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  1. I don't know how to put this into magical nice sounding admin words like the others do, but I seriously encourage you to try to talk it out with said person when you have an issue with them. Calmly and constructively of course if you can, there's been alot of stuff that's happened and been said that I think could have been avoided if they just went to the person with their issues and came to a compromise.

    As an example: Noir is generally useless on station or just silly and ridiculous, if you don't like how I act as Noir, you can bring it to me and talk to me and I could try to improve. I know I've made my share of mistakes as an admin but I'm still learning, and I do make mistakes. Some have been bad, you can bring that to me personally too. I try to be decently approachable and nice, if you have a problem with some way I or another acts I think you should bring it to them first, as apparently some people haven't liked what I've been doing as Noir but have never brought it to me personally.

    If you ever need to my skype is Drad3n.

    Again though I encourage you to bring it to the person you have the issue with.
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    A ton of issues really can be solved by talking it out with the person. I know something happened the other day to me and a friend, the person involved was also a friend and instead of doing the normal way of resolving things i took a more traditional method of talking it out with them, they apologized to me and we shook it off. looked at it as something to learn from.
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    I fully agree with the Draden words. And I shall do the same too! Amen!! *gives a fistbump to Draden*
    Talking always solves problems, yes!
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    Try telling that to virtually every player on SS13.

    Also, mimes might have a tough time too. :p
  5. Im not saying it has to be IC, if you have a problem with things I do or someone else, try shooting them a PM ? Whats the harm?
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