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    Weekly Don Report

    Since the heroic efforts made by LLA two weeks ago to bring Don Network's influence up, an opposing force has decreased as, or even more rapidly the respectable 24% to a 19% influence. Rumor of Independents of Don outsourcing has been heard around Solovyov, but in a recent pres conference, several representatives from the Network told investors not to be alarmed, and that they had a detailed business plan with LLA on how to put themselves back on track. They refused to go into any more detail on the subject.

    A locally famous songwriter in space blue-grass by the name of "Green Elk" was interdicted and disposed of this Tuesday in the nearby system of Benates. One of his bodyguards said everything happened very fast. When he first dropped out he claimed that Green Elk tried to reason with the murderers before being attacked by a Federal Gunship and a Fer De Lance. "What we have here is not some petty mugging, this was a planned and organized murder that was beyond my capability to stop" He confessed at an interview. Many of Green Elk's fans have turned on local Federal parties, asking why a Federally mandated ship was found killing their beloved Green Elk. As of today, Federal investigation has been conducted as to the whereabouts of the murderers.

    With the sudden drop of Don Network influence, two foes have found themselves in direct competition with one another yet again. For two days now, the two parties have been in a pending state of civil war, the only speck of peace being held by need for preparation of each sides military. Liberties Last Army has already deployed various scouts and watch routines so as to be the front line when civil war is officially declared. "Alcala has been under Justice Party rule for too long, and I will see to it that Alcala be liberated from its current autocracy, to the glorious hand of capitalism." said one company leader within the Network on Friday. Many investors are wary to fund the effort considering the last two failures of the Don Network to claim Alcala station. The Independents of Don have affirmed they will not involve themselves in the conflict.
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