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    Weekly Don Report

    In the face of overwhelming odds, the Don Justice Party managed to pull out of the Network v. Justice Party civil war once again, with their grasp on the envied Alcala Station, despite the unified effort of both the Don Network and Liberties Last Army. Both members on the losing side are at a loss for words considering the tremendous amount of casualties suffered by the Justice Party. Leaked data reports, however, report that the Justice party may be working in coalition with the Independents of Don, the face of the Federation in this system. If this case is so, the fight for Alcala is a much bigger fight than the Network may have ever imagined. At any rate, as this is written, news of LLA re-strategizing their plans for helping the Network has already been heard. It is only a matter of time before the Don Network and Justice Party butt heads again.

    In light of recent reports of so called "Space Barnacles" inhabiting atmosphereless planets, one of Liberty's finest pilots, CMDR Wise, ventured out to the isolated system of Merope, some 384 ly away from Don some time last week. Upon his return, all were excited to hear news of what had been discovered. A pres conference was held. When asked if he had seen the abstract organisms, he replied "I found none of tha thoughts be tellin' me that the planets they be inhabitin' are actually ancient space whalin' vessels, and I'm gonna find that leviathan 'fore they do!" To follow up they asked if there was a chance that these barnacles could be found in Don, or perhaps related to the ancient Thargoid menace, in which he replied, "they ain't anywhere near don, and unless them Thargoids was space whalin' in the Pleides, then it's got nothin' ta do with them.." After that, CMDR Wise said he was tired from the trip, and retreated back stage carrying his hefty space whaling harpoon.

    As of this Thursday, Solovyov Cities logistics dept. has been up to their neck in work. Why is this you may ask? Late Wednesday evening, two Federal Corvettes and two Federal Assault Ships requested docking inside of Solovyov City. Considering the city has never been required to house one of these massive structures before, let alone two of them, space was required to be made. Storage and hangers were hastily renovated to create the room necessary, but some question the meaning behind a warship docking in a peaceful system such as Don. Some speculate a future conflict between Federal and Independent forces in neighboring systems, while others believe it is an unnecessary addition to the already excessive security force surrounding Solovyov City. Whatever the case may be, pilots beware to stay below speed limit, and abide by laws while the Corvettes linger.

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    I really love these news reports. I'm always on the edge of my seat reading them. Space whales sound so menacing...

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