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    Weekly Don Report
    As of Friday, CMDR's Jayce Wise & Papa OJ have now officially returned to the Don sector to resume duties as Don Network's protectors. Much has changed since their disappearance in March. Part of it being the major loss of influence held by the Don Network in system affairs, and the claiming of Alcala Station under Azaka Gold LTD management. Vice President Levi James gladly welcomed the LLA pilots back, but with noticeable chagrin. Much of the Network's former economic might has declined to minor delivery jobs, and smuggling. Some even say their weakness has caused their recently formed alliance with the DJP in the war against Azaka Gold LTD that began on Tuesday. "With another business in the system, comes increased competition." Levi stated in an interview last week. "A business has to focus on their income before they focus on moral dilemma". Whether or not Liberties Last Army is staying in the system for good is unclear, however, the timing of their arrival may prove impeccable to the outcome of the conflict at hand between Azaka Gold LTD and the Don Justice Party.
    As of recent reports from various DJP pilots and countless civilians, two Federal capital ships, the FNS Erebus and FNS Neptune, have dropped into high intensity conflict zones above Don 4, the planet by which Don's primary starport (Solovyov City) is orbiting. Their purpose for arriving in Don is currently unclear, as any attempts at contacting Federal command have proven inconclusive, and Azaka Gold LTD refuses to appear to press. Whatever the purpose of this vast surge of Federal force in the system, one thing has been made very clear. Azaka Gold LTD holds great interest in Don, whether it be economical or for other assets.
    BATTLE CRUISER IN DON.jpg Despite almost impossible odds, though, the DJP has continued their fight against the Federally funded Azaka Gold LTD, losing hundreds of Wings to the Farragut's massive experimental cannons. Much to the DJP's surprise, mid-Saturday, two large vessels dropped into the FNS Neptune's masslock in the midst of combat. At first the small DJP fleet began to break, fearing it to be more of the smaller, but still as deadly, Federal Corvettes. Very quickly the pilots distinguished themselves as LLA members, and shot in a V-line for the Battle Cruiser. Invigorated by the presence of such renowned fighters, the DJP rallied, and together, disabled the FNS Neptune to the point of near destruction. Mere seconds before the Neptune would have been routed, additional Azaka reinforcements appeared, shooting down one of the LLA pilots, and forcing the other to make a hasty retreat.
    20160723155927_1.jpg While the DJP still broke their line and lost the battle, both their party, and the system's spirit have both been greatly lightened with the known fact that these goliaths can be taken down. Later that day, Lindsay Guerrero, the DJP's Captain of the Guard, asked the anonymous LLA pilot who escaped why they were helping long rivals to the Don Network. The pilot replied, "Our forces have seen how Azaka Gold LTD has grown and spread through the region. If we don't put an end to this monster, nobody ever will. If we are going to stop this invasion of Don's individuality and freedom, we need to nip it at the bud, and stop them now. This is a whole system effort, no minor faction can do this alone, so we choose to help the lesser evil". While the Network has agreed to assist economically to the struggle, the Independents of Don have abstained from choosing sides in the present conflict.

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