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    Weekly Don Report
    Election at Alcala Station Over. Don Network Victorious!
    After a tight political race between representatives of both the Don Network and Azaka Gold LTD, the victor, and owner of Alcala Station, is still the Don Network. Initial festivities were great all over Alcala, however, a half hour after the results were released a spokeswoman for Azaka Gold LTD claimed over the intercoms that "A loss for Azaka Gold LTD is a loss for not only you, but for the Independents of Don, this system, and the Federation. The Federation does. not. lose!" While many waved this off as a losing notion, the Network has definitely increased their security, surveillance, and involvement in the system.

    Network Sends Supplies to Aid Allies in Ra.
    While the Don Network has been consumed by election, little notice has gone to their trade partners and allies in the Ra system. The Ra Empire Party has now entered their fourth month of war with any and all member of the Ra system who have claimed them to be "Nothing more than foreign Empire aliens!". Miraculously they have been able to force back all fronts made against them both in space, and planet-side with little to no help from a primary Empire fleet. "We fight because we must" one disabled pilot said, "If we lose out there, we lose everything." With care packages now being delivered to Leconte Dock and other Ra Empire Party outposts, things are looking up for this minority faction in the midst of Federal space.
    Imperial Eagles.jpg

    Associated Pres.- Gilya Signature Weapons Return to Markets
    Gilya Signature Weapons, a rare trade commodity prohibited in a number of jurisdictions, are once again in production at Bell Orbital in the Gilya system. The development is the result of intervention from various commercial interests, priests from Sacra Oculus, and the independent Commanders of the Pilots Federation.
    A spokesman for the Gilya Law Party said: "The return of this extremely sought-after commodity has made Gilya an independent and commercially profitable high tech system."
    In addition to Gilya Signature Weapons, the system now produces progenitor cells and combat stabilizers, and has two lucrative black markets.

    -Commander Light Fingers

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