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    The world of Zavasil - "The Momentous Planes"
    World map.png

    Southeastern continent

    The year is 343, we are an expedition of dwarves hailing from the kingdom of Warm Avalanches. It is one of the five great dwarven kingdoms that inhabit the southeastern continent. Each kingdom more or less has its own mountain range, then there are humans and elves that live in the valleys between them.
    In the first 160 years of written history, with the dwarven kingdoms coming together they have been able to root out the goblin incursions in the northern part of the continent. The South is a different story though. The goblins have made themselves a number of evil fortresses in the frozen wastes. There have been several wars against the goblins of the south, but those have largely ended in failure and many lives being lost. These days, the kingdoms just choose peace and patrol their borders in case any goblins try to come from the wastes.

    These wastes is a place no right-thinking creature would venture to. It has always been a host to savage monsters such as yetis, ettins, giants, and plenty of dragons. It is why we do not know much about these lands. Adventurers who have gone there have not come back, except those who lost their nerve early on. The mountains we have lived in have been safe, and provided much wealth for us. We have never needed to go beyond them into the unknown. Yet a number of generations has passed, and many minerals have been mined out of the mountains. A dwarf could always dig deeper, but that is not safe. There are places deep within the mountain ranges to mine, except caravan travel is hazardous and some spots impassable. Many claims have been staked, and there are fewer new areas to find for yourself. In summary, the mountains are old and overused. New frontiers will have to be found.

    I have heard of there being a single, lonely mountain out there in the wastes. The few who have seen it, have only seen it from the horizon. I decided I will strike out there, and see if this place has anything valuable to be mined. If it does, I'll make a proper outpost out of it.

    First I had to find a band of dwarves who will be willing to come with me. So, with the idea of certain death, treks across frozen tundra, long freezing nights, goblin hordes, giant man-eating monsters, and the fact I don't even know the destination is worth it; I was able to collect 6 other sane dwarves for this journey.

    I hired a skilled farmer, by the name of Eluxor. He sort of keeps to himself and as a part of his application to my expedition he showed me his erotic poetry, which really wasn't necessary.

    Next was Jerrie Howard, one of our builders and crafters on this expedition. Surprisingly, even being calm and collected, one of the more normal dwarves on this expedition, he decided to come risk his life with us. He insisted he's one of the best carpenters around. Unfortunately the tundra doesn't have trees at all, I haven't told him that yet.

    I wasn't surprised when Korey Umberland decided to come with us. She's an adventurous type and wants to get away from the grip of all the authority here in the mountain halls. She's thinking there will be a lot of freedom where we're going, we'll see about that. She's good with a crossbow and said she'll hunt for us and work in the kitchen. Those skills will definitely be useful.

    The other dwarves aren't worth mentioning, but the expedition is ready to go. I was able to collect the supplies, a few animals, and a wagon for the journey. I had to use all the savings I had, but I have a good feeling about this trip.

    Now we have left the mountainhomes. Several dwarves looked at us weird since we are leaving in the middle of winter to go into the freezing tundra. But our outpost will be on a better start if we reach there in the spring.
    The journey through our homelands were peaceful, roads are well kept, friendly travelers. Any dangerous beasts tend to be killed by the patrolmen. We were down in the valleys when Korey tugged on my shoulder and told me she left her crossbow behind. I was angry with her she was supposed be our hunter and initial food supply. Well, I suppose we'll just build a crossbow if we get there, if there are any trees.

    As we move farther down south, the days get shorter and the nights are becoming longer. It is getting gloomier and it's setting a mood on the company. Doesn't help that fellow travelers are becoming sparse on the roads. They're becoming unkempt as well, no kingdom cares for the roads down on the frozen borders. Sooner or later the paved brick roads are giving way to dirt and then eventually nothing at all. Now moving into the tundra there are no more people on the roads, all civilization has been left behind. We are entering uncharted lands now.

    At night we have to huddle together with our animals to keep warm, and across the frozen plains we hear moans of terrible creatures. Some dwarves are grumbling about why we have even came, but no one wants to go back alone. We're stronger in numbers anyway. Our wagon often gets stuck in the snow and I fear we won't even make it to our destination in the Spring. We have to take turns walking or riding as the snow is troublesome for our short legs. The weather is not nice at all, we suffer terrible snow storms or when it's calmer just high gusts of wind. With the wind, the snow feels like shards of glass are trying to pierce us. When it's calm though, it's depressing, for all we see for miles is barren white land.

    As we journey I see that Korey and Eluxor are becoming close friends though, I suppose she likes Eluxor's poetry.

    After month and a few weeks from when we left our homes, we see our destination on the horizon. We could have seen it sooner if the snow storms have died down. This certainly lifted our spirits though, we were beginning to think we would just walk off the edge of the world. It will be a few days yet, but everyone cheered when I told them we'll drink to celebrate tonight.
    We were getting close to the foot of the mountain when it was my turn to ride the wagon. I hoped in and I was able to take in all its glory. A tall, massive piece of rock rising into the sky. It's strange how this mountain is all out here by itself. I decided to take a nap, and it seems as soon as I shut my eyes, I was shaken awake.
    The drivers were able to park us at the top of the mountain with this wagon and all the snow. I don't know how, we didn't have to climb up so high. The foot of the mountain would have been fine.


    Oh well, I guess we can strike the earth from up here.
    As I look down one of the sides though, I understand why this mountain is all out here by itself. It's a volcano


    Everyone begins asking me what to name our outpost, and after a moment I declared "The Eye of Hell!"
    There were some weird looks but it'll grow on them. Now let's get to work.

    "Let's get out of this cold! Dig deep!"
    I take a pickaxe and hit the earth as I begin a stairwell. The other miner I brought along helped too.
    As we dug, we found silver, gold, copper, and iron. I believe this outpost will do well.
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