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Discussion in 'Official LLA' started by Devon, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. So, Kadingir ran the idea by me the other day to try out some streams, and so far I have enjoyed it. I may not be the wittiest son of a bitch in the world, but if you guys would like to watch me stream some games, I think I'll be doing so from now on. As I progress in coding the Isles and I find that I have more free time than I anticipated, it's nice to know I have other options, such as this livestreaming situation.

    I play games anyway, they're how I unwind. My streaming is currently limited to the Xbox One, but I am going to be picking up hardware to make my skype more interactive for my girlfriend's sake, so I might as well use it to stream my PC games as well. I've amassed quite the collection of games for the PC, but the Xbox is somewhat limited.

    So far I am currently able to stream Evolve, GTA V, The Escapists, Far Cry 4, Super Time Force (Hilarious, if you've never seen it), Dead Rising 3, and Shadow of Mordor. I'd like to add a horror console game to this list for added perks.

    Tomorrow I'll know more about what I'll be doing, and I intend to get another one going sometime during the day. The time had yet to be decided. If anyone has any input or tips, I'm happy to hear it :3 I think it could be fun to goof off and see how far I can get with a controller and a camera.

    For now, you can find my profile at
    I'll fill that out sometime tomorrow to flesh it out a little more. Until then, thanks for wasting your time with me, guys :D I appreciate all the support I've gotten from some of you so far. Kadingir in particular!
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  2. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Whoop whoop!
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  3. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Another amusing stream today ^_^ Thanks to those who stuck with me! I have the equipment necessary to stream my PC games now, so let me know if anyone has any ideas. Danke!
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  4. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I watched a few nights ago, good stream.
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  5. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Chopping down trees with metal babies.

    Filling vending machines with edible babies.

    Riding babies into battle.

    Equippable babies.

    His streams are babies.
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  6. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    I had a lot of fun doing Scribblenauts with every variation of baby to solve my problems x)
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  7. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    These streams have been entertaining.

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