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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by kadingir, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I toned it down while i had still been thinking that i would never put in another application.

    Draden "showed me the light" several weeks ago and convinced me that things are different now than they were back when and before i was an admin.

    Going off of memory, i have never mocked a suicidal person, as someone who has had lifelong struggles with chronic depression and thoughts of suicide throughout it i understand how hard suicidal people have it and always do my best to help those people.

    I do not really understand what this means, any chance that you could explain it, as the kids say, "like i am five"?
  2. A few weeks ago you were going on in the shoutbox with something to the effect that you don't understand why people care when children die, and that a friend of yours who has a kid said they would care if their kid died, and that you backed off because you didn't get it but then again you didn't have a kid. Among other bizarre rants you have produced in the shoutbox.

    I've said my piece and don't really care to debate semantics about the exact nuances of said rants. I want to make that clear before this thread goes in that direction. Enough people are familiar with what I'm referring to that I don't think any elaboration or argument about it is required.
  3. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    If i said something like that i must have been extremely tired or something else at the time as i do not really remember it and completely disagree with it, i have several siblings who i helped raise when they were younger, i am the kind of person who is overprotective of those he cares about, i do not believe that i could even have children because as it was the stress of worrying over my siblings so many years ago was massive, i get it from my mother.

    I would post a picture of a puppy/kitten crying but that would just make both of us feel worse about this, your choice is your choice, if you decide to change it at some point that would be cool and make me pretty happy, but i do not believe there is anything i can do to influence that.
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  4. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Kadingir, you never told me you were applying!

    So I've read through this post and learned a few things, but I'm going to be up front with everyone. I believe that Kadingir, as he is right now, would make a good admin.

    I have had the pleasure of gaming with this individual for months now. We set up telescience, we joke about the station, we catch baddies, we get killed, we secretly save the station, and we just hang out together quite frequently.
    Kadingir has been one of the more level headed people I've worked with, and I'm certain he could maintain his composure in an administrative position.

    I was there for this corruption conversation. As I recall, I was killed in a very shady manner by an admin whose judgement can often come off as questionable, and it felt like the situation was brushed under the rug at first.
    That situation seemed to spark the debate about corruption. I believe Kadingir wouldn't have gotten riled up if I hadn't gotten ruled up, myself. The situation had since been resolved, and all parties have worked it out To even terms, including Kad.

    I think everyone gets angry, and Kad is no different. We all handle it differently however. If Kad can respond to ahelps professionally, I don't see why some jokes or rude comments that he may not have even said should keep him from a position. I bet if I could dig far enough, I can find something any of you have said that would make you cringe. That isn't the focus of this application.

    The question is if Kadingir can administrate for LLA, and frankly I believe he can.
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  5. Ahbahl

    Ahbahl Active Member

    So far I havent seen one person who said that Kadingir was a bad admin. People only seem to complain about the "edgy/grotesque" stuff Kad says. I dont think thats such a big problem. I mean we play a pretty grotesque game. We gib people and eat their meat, we cut our own limbs off and replace them with their robotic counterparts and the first thing the grey tide thinks about is yellow gloves. Well, I can understand that might be a problem, depending on what was said, but I think the only thing Kad needs to do is choose his words a bit more carefully. He needs to think about how others might interpret it. Maybe he also needs to work on the timing and where to say these things but I think Kad is a cool guy and he would make a good admin. Heck, in the past I greatly disliked Cactus and thought the end of LLA came after he became an admin but look at him now, he does some superb work. Go Kad, go. +1 Longsword of Support.

    Writing this made me hungry. You'll have to excuse me, I need some Soylent Green.
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  6. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    I was gonna refrain from posting because your activity kinda dropped off after I was hired in but oh well.

    You're kind of a loose cannon, if the cannon becomes less loose my mind can change.

    Also the cannibalism commentaries would be nice to never hear again <3
  7. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    Can i ask, what made you change your mind?
  8. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    I think I agree with raptor, in that you need to show you can be a little more humble. It's cool and fine to have strong opinions and to have faith in yourself, but it is important to be able to get off your high horse and do what you're told every once in a while, for the sake of the team. If you're not in an absolute leadership position (which is terrible for different reasons) there are going to be times where you're told how to act. From what I've seen on occasion, you almost seem to regard yourself as an infallible logic engine. Assuming you're a member of the human race, that is objectively and absolutely not true. Someone will always know better, and you need to recognize when to defer to another's judgement.

    That's not to say one should follow without question, but... you get what I mean. I'll stop here before it textwalls.
  9. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah. I forgot to put my opinion in here, and not that it matters much, but Kadingir is in general a lunatic.

    See 90% of the stuff he says in shoutbox.
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  10. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I have been doing as i am told for the sake of team for several weeks as best as i can, and i know that i can be wrong.
  11. I did speak with him in deadchat and alot of the reason it went on for so long was because I wanted to drag it along, and convince him everything that HAD or he thought had happened was in the past and with another admin/time of the admin team. From what I've seen of him recently I have no issues with him and havent seen any of this deranged talk everyone seems to be so adamant about going against him for. However I would like to see you active and more level headed, proving that you are over what happened and over the past before supporting you. Otherwise you're a good player and member of the community from what I've seen~
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  12. WellingtonTheThird

    WellingtonTheThird Well-Known Member

    Kadingr was a good admin, but representing the administration well is very important. I've played with you countless times and we always have a blast, but there have been times your OOC demeanor was not on par with what we look for in potential administrators. I believe you can improve on this and do well, but I'd like to give it more time to see these changes myself.
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