[Denied] Kadingir's administrator application

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by kadingir, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Despite overwhelming support i cannot support this application

    First impressions are important, how you handled being on the team followed by all the "trolling" and your last app as well didn't help much. Yes you have improved but you haven't WOW'ed enough to show admin material.
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  2. Eighty8

    Eighty8 Well-Known Member

    Basing it off some of the answers for the app, you seem to be very sure of yourself. While that is not a bad thing itself, it CAN be a bad thing because it does and will lead to conflict of that is the case.

    I was not too heavily involved in the forums I think between your last app and now, I THINK. So I haven't been looking for a pattern of toning down or anything, nor do I know much about how you were before when I wasn't really involved so I won't comment on that.

    In game, you have been pretty well kept, I do not doubt that you know the mechanics so that is good.

    I am neutral for now.
  3. WellingtonTheThird

    WellingtonTheThird Well-Known Member

    I had a chat with Kadingr and a few things beyond his control were going on in his life that prevented him from being as active during this time. This application will be extended to next application review period (Last weekend of the month)
  4. Rob Ust

    Rob Ust Active Member

    This application is solid. Kad is a good guy, Great player, Valuable member of this community, And above all Kadingir was an amazing admin. I say give him a trial run and see what happens. He's on at times when there aren't many other admins on so he could fill a good time slot. With school letting out for the summer Kad only becomes more valuable.

    +1 Robust token
  5. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    I can not support this app at all.

    Kadingir frequently 'reminisces' on about what "LLA used to be" and often complains about how "disgusted" he is with the current state of affairs especially so with admin decisions. He has shown he can't properly discern when admin intervention is needed and when it is not.

    Everyone holds a view of LLA slightly different than the other, but when you cannot accept basic decisions from admins on non-controversial cases then I see a problem.

    Although he has improved his application responses I would not feel safe with him being an admin again.

  6. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I wondered when/if someone would down vote this application due to me telling the truth in that thread.
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  7. Mind summed it up well. Kadingir has often balked at admin decisions that were pretty straight-forwardly on point, while also occasionally producing nonsensical complaints or incident reports.

    It's perfectly alright to have intelligent disagreements with the admin team on points. And frankly I don't like yes men and do like people who will stand up for matters of principle. But I'm not satisfied that kad's judgement would be appropriate and I don't like what can be inferred about his positions on things from the views he's expressed on cases.
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  8. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I stand by what i said in Zeb's thread.

    I did not think it needed to be said, but it looks like it does, if what the LLA community requires is for people that are offering their valuable time up to be sellouts and liars then i am not what this community needs, i care about LLA and LLA's players, more than i care about what people think of me when i say what needs to be said for the good of the community.
  9. There is a distinction between voicing your opinion (which you are certainly entitled to do) and being some martyr prophet who speaks "the truth" and "fights injustice" and "stands up for what is right" and all that jazz. You are the former, and that's fine. But as a member of this community, I have to tell you that I didn't feel that your opinions there served my interests. Nor did I feel that Jariah was being a "sellout" or "liar." You can hold whatever opinion you want about any ban appeal that you want, but please don't claim that you are some crusader who is unambiguously right.

    For the past several months you have alternated between a more softened and palatable application-phase facade and a guy who rants about the admin team's "corruption" all the time. I do appreciate you being honest and straightforward about what your opinions are now, at least.
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  10. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    The same issues with the admin team from the past that I thought were gone are apparently not.

    I'm going to have to retract my support, I don't feel as though you can work as a team with the other admins. I believe your righteousness will cause unneeded strife and drama to both the community and admin team.
  11. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Wait since when did he serve you?

    Can't deny it's there.

    He never claimed to be?

    Both myself and kadingir saw these post happening anyway as we discussed it over the byond pager.

    He has a right to voice his mind if he wants if you don't like it well tuff shit.

    My support still stays at +1
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  12. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    As an admin, it would be his role to serve Flat and all other members of this community in the best way possible. In other words, by "serve my interests" he means the community's interests as a whole.
  13. He was claiming that he spoke for the community, broadly.

    I was saying "don't pretend to speak for me."
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  14. Due to reactions to certain things some of which others have already spoken of here, I will be against this application, sorry Kadingir. -
  15. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    I understand that if kadingir was an admin. But what he says as a non-admin does not need to serve ANYONE up untill he is admin,
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  16. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Yea, recent events are guiding me to lean on a No


    This not being the first, nor the last of them, but definitely the one that made the decision for me.

    And to be clear, my decision is not made as part of a personal vendetta, it is made because there is a right and wrong way to go about handling displeasure with a subject, as an admin youre expected to know and respect those ways. Lord knows there are plenty of times where i have disagreed with a policy or a move made by the admin team, and if you ask ANY of them they'll tell you i will always voice my opinion where i feel its needed. The problem is that im noticing from you a recourring trend of saying "This admin team is corrupt and bad". And it makes me question WHY you even want to re-join it if that is what you feel is the truth? On top of that, instead of taking what you apparently felt was a bad administrative call to the right channels, you opted to, instead, go to every piece of the forum you could to harp about it. Including the shoutbox, Zebs profile, Zebs appeal (Shown above), as well as god knows where else that i havent seen yet. Even allowing that to slip into your Admin application.

    You're not a bad guy Kad, but you're not someone who needs to join an admin team you keep saying is no-good.
  17. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I am not saying that the admin team is corrupt and bad, i am just saying that when someone gets banned for playing the game in a legit manner, likely for killing two admins and maybe several admins pets, that single action is corrupt.

    Every now and then something insane happens like the incident that brought about that thread, it is rare for such things to happen.

    If i were in the admin skype chat i would have brought it up in a less aggressive manner in there, if as a user i were to PM any single admin about it i would have just been told something along the lines of "It's all under control we are looking into it." and that would have been the end of it, instead i did the only thing that could have any hope, as a user, of effecting anything, i voiced my feelings in the related and logical locations in the hopes that at least someone somewhere might see it and have their view on the matter changed.
  18. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    I've not been keeping up with anything that's been happening recently due to exams, but I just popped onto the forums for a browse and saw this in the shoutbox:

    Absolutely inappropriate. This is not the kind of attitude I would be at all comfortable working beside. Negative lemons.
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  19. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I couldn't think of any more fitting and appropriate comparison, can you explain what you mean by "kind of attitude"?
  20. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    My problem is your belief that you are infallibly correct. When I make a decision and a player questions it, I bring it to other admins and people I respect to vet it and give me feedback. When someone disagrees with you, you start throwing around words like "corrupt" and "disgusting" without any evidence of that actually being the case other than that we disagreed with you. We do not need an admin who believes they are infallible.

    -1 blazeykins
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