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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by kadingir, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    Basic Information:

    Byond Account: Kadingir
    Character Name(s): Kadingir Xul
    AI Name(s): Xul
    Have you ever used a different BYOND key on our server? If so what was it and why: No.
    Skype: unknown.whosasking
    Age: 20
    Timezone: GMT+10
    Active hours: For the last two or three days it has been between 5am and 9pm.


    Are you familiar with LS13's rules? I was more familiar with the old rules, but I feel that I have a decent understanding of the new ones.
    How long have you played SS13? 2 years.
    How long have you played LS13? 2 years.
    How much do you know about SS13 (/tg/ build) game mechanics? I know a few things, though there could still be plenty that I do not know.
    Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13? Yes.
    Do you have any experience as an administrator on anything else? Yes.
    If yes, what did you have to do do? On minecraft and terraria I basically just kept the peace, in gmod darkrp I dealt with hackers and rule breakers, helped organise events, and helped people that needed help, on a gaming clans forums I helped with setting up the forums, made official posts, and other minor things, there is likely a few other places that I was an admin for as well but I do not really remember those.
    Have you ever worked in a team before? Yes, I could not list all the times I have worked in a team because life is full of teamwork.
    What are the qualities of a successful team? Dedication and a common goal.


    Why do you play SS13?: Because I love the potential that it has.
    Why do you play LS13?: It was the first server I joined after figuring out the controls on sandbox servers, the community grew on me over time, it might not be the best community or have the best code, but it is the one that I am a part of.
    What do administrators do?: Without admins around the server would die quickly, they do many things like keeping some amount of order and helping people when they need help.
    Why do you want to be an administrator?: I see a community that I enjoy being in, and I see a place that I want to try to help prosper, as a non admin I can only do so much to make this be a more enjoyable place for people to be in, I know that as an admin I can do more for the players of LS13, more for the community as a whole.
    What qualities make a good administrator?: Dedication, plenty of time to spare, and patience, communication.
    What qualities make a bad administrator?: Desire for power, abusiveness, impatience, an unwillingness to attempt to communicate.
    What are your strengths? I care about LLA, I spend a lot of time on LS13, I talk to a lot of people, and while I would not say that I am overly patient or all that impatient I would say that I understand when things should not be rushed along with being fairly patient when it comes to people, I like getting things done quickly but not at the cost of the outcome.
    What are your weaknesses? As many people will likely have noticed I am a very blunt person, to me being blunt is just how a man should be, but I understand that it does bother a lot of people which is why i have tried to tone it down.
    I also swear a bit, if I become a trialmin it of course won't happen in proper PM's and I will try to make sure it doesn't happen in OOC or deadchat either.
    Other than that I do not have the best communication skills, I am not talking about personality, I mean straight up communication skills, I find it hard to know what to say at times, it is just how I was born.
    Along with all that I tend to be extremely strongly opinionated, I have largely learnt to just keep it to myself.
    How do you overcome these weaknesses? By continuing to move forward.
    How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: When I have responsibility, fairly well, the last time I was an admin here I was fine with it, handling the stress, anger, and insults that come with admining was never a problem, in game is quite different, but I have gotten very chill over time, sure if I die a bad death I might have a few heated words for like 10 seconds in dchat, but the same can be said of anyone including admins, it won't have an affect on my admining if I become a trialmin.

    Open Response:

    Please answer each question with at least three sentences.

    You're administrating on the server when you get an ahelp that Player A has been griefed by Player B. You open the attack logs and see that player B has hit player A many times with an oxygen tank putting them into critical. What do you do from here? Why did you choose to take that course of action?
    I PM player A and try to find out what started the fight, if I feel it is needed I may also check the chat logs, I then PM player B and try to get their side of the story, after putting it all together I follow the course of action that I believe should be followed.
    If you were looking for a list of what those courses of actions might be, I could try to make one, but it really just wouldn't be a good idea as every little thing changes it, when it comes to one player putting another into crit the modifiers are pretty much the same as any of the other actions that strongly affect a player, though as a trialmin if I felt that some kind of punishment was needed I would likely ask an admin, possibly I might ask an admin anyway just to be sure.

    You're in a debate with a fellow administrator in the admin chat. You're pushing for an idea that you feel passionate about, but they keep shooting your idea down at every turn and the disappointment/anger is rising. How do you handle this?
    One of us would be wrong, I would trust the rest of my fellow admins to decide who that is based on the collective admin goal of the community, we work as a team to find the best path, that is how the admin team functions.
    Though I may instead just let it rest for a few days to spend more time thinking about the idea, maybe during that time the admin that was against it might change their mind if I do not, asking a senior admin for advice on the idea could also be an option.

    What does it mean to be an administrator for our server?
    Being an administrator on LLA means you represent and uphold the values of the community and all it stands for.

    Which is more important for a community: rules or principles? Why?
    Principles, rules are something that others impose on you, principles are placed on you by yourself, people will always fight against rules, no one fights against their own principles, along with that rules tend to favor those who make them, principles, favor everything that you favor, which does sound pretty much the same, but it isn't, you have rules forced on you by others, your principles are your own, if they are bad or wrong that is because you are bad or wrong.
    Principles are more important for a community because every single person should rely and answer for themselves, quality over quantity, as a community we only become better when the individuals become better.

    Additional Comments: This is my fifth admin app, when I started typing out this one I was sure it was going to be hard to find different things to say, since I am not about to copy paste one of my old apps, but surprisingly it was not all that difficult, it does not feel like I have changed from the person that I was when I made the first app, but then I still feel like the same person that I was when I was just a young child, life is strange like that.
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  2. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    From what I've seen today, you helped someone learn to make bombs, overall, your really nice, and isn't an asshole. +1
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  3. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Longtime player, reasonable, highly active on forums, relatively robust ingame...
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  4. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    I said it before and I'll say it again.

    I work with Kadingir a lot. He's damned knowledgeable, he's polite, and he's helpful.
    I can see him applying his knowledge to an administrative position. He knows how to enjoy himself, but he knows when to serious up, too.
    I +1 this application :D
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  5. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    Can't say I've had a lot of experience with Kad, but I can tell that he has True Robustness, which is fairly uncommon. He's certainly a cut above the average chaff of the server.

    +1, if only because I trust a fellow robuster.
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  6. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    I've seen a lot of improvement in Kad's attitude over time, so I think he has potential. I wouldn't be opposed to a trial to see what he's made of.

    Also, not directed at Kad at all, there is absolutely no connection between robustness and good administrating. Please support the kinds of people you'd want on the receiving end of your ahelps when you're in trouble.
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  7. 1.) What on earth are you talking about? Being well versed in the game mechanics and skilled in the micro of killing people has absolutely no bearing on whether someone is qualified to administrate, beyond the fact that admins need to understand the game. You can be robust while also being a complete dipshit who makes no logical sense (edit - would like to note I am not meaning to paint kad with that brush; just making a general statement).

    2.) Since you've been rather boastful about it across several threads even when it wasn't relevant, I must inform you that you are not nearly as robust as you seem to believe. Honestly from what I have witnessed I feel very confident saying that *I* am more robust than you, and I'm thoroughly mid-tier and will be the first to admit that I will never reach mindtrixx or cactus levels of robustness.
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  8. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Being robust means nothing in administration, we have plenty of unrobust goodmins. That being said this is an admin application, out of respect for the OP please do keep it on topic of him and his application, not so much his/theirs/your combat skills

    EDIT: Take your gripes with each other to a PM or to the grave, i haven't removed any messages before this message but i will for messages that follow that aren't about kad or his app.
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  9. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    Then in the simplest terms possible; Kadingir has power over his fellow spaceman. He does not abuse this power, and allegedly uses it to better them. Therefore, he should be trusted with more power.
  10. Tomtoot

    Tomtoot Active Member

    Kadinger left his last application with plenty of feedback, and things to improve on, from what I've seen he has improved on these, for example, his OOC behaviour is really nice, I have seen him offer construtive advice to a number of new players in OOC, and be generally helpful.
    In-game I have seen him helping people with areas of R&D, and recently has been one of the less vindictive people ingame.

    In my opinion, being able to respond constructively, and improve based on feedback from others is a brilliant trait in general, but especially for an admin. +1
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  11. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    If nothing has changed, I don't know how to feel.

    I do have a question. Now, I wouldn't usually bring up a political affiliation and mention it in an application, but you identify as an Anarchist, correct? My understanding of Anarchism is that they revoke law, order, and government. You are signing up for a position of power, law, and authority on LLA. How does this work out, or am I misunderstanding Anarchism, or are you a different kind of Anarchist?

    I'm remaining neutral for the time being.
  12. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    As I've said previously, my main concern is that you will uhh... tone down your previous topics of conversation in admin chat.
  13. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    But things have changed, that was the point behind me saying that.

    I largely keep out of politics in real life, I am no politician and have not studied anything to do with it, I identify as an anarchist because out of all the political systems that I know of, which is likely not many, it just seems to me like the only one that might work, other than robot overlords but no one seems to like that idea, real life and the internet are quite different at times, LLA is not forced to follow the rules of whatever politicians are in power in the country it exists in, it can have its own separate political system, and that works to its advantage, because political systems that just do not work for a massive group can work for a smaller one, anarchism would not work for LLA, it functions best as it is now, a mix of dictatorship and democracy with a small amount of anarchy, the topmins are completely in charge, yet there is still voting when voting is useful, voting by players and admins, and within the admin team is a certain amount of anarchy, you do not even need to have seen the inner workings of the admin team to notice it, like how admins log when they want to log rather than due to being told to log, certain admins will get certain things done not because they were ordered to but because they want to do those things for the community.

    If someone has logs of the skype chat from those times they could tell you that I stopped that before I stopped being an admin, it stopped the instant a single person asked for it to stop.
    It has not been something to be worried about for a very long time.
  14. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Kadingir is only robust when i am around. ( He still does not know atmos you what mate)

    Anyway On topic.

    Aint never seen kadingir loose his cool in ooc and and is a good person to be around both ooc and ic GIVE THEM MAN ADMIN.

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  15. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for clarifying.

    We've disagreed on the morality of your opinions, and you've had some pretty bad allegations against you in the past over things you may of said. With that out of the way, I believe you are more capable of becoming an admin then you were previously. I think you should be given a shot.
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  16. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Kadingir has been here longer then a lot of us and he is a cool guy, IC and OOC, I say give him a shot!
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  17. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Yea, So, Kad. As a person, ive found you to be funny, an at LEAST semi-kind individual, and usually can keep your cool. Though there are (Undocumented) examples of moments where i have known you to loose your cool (Go figure, i dont screencap every little thing that happens ever like some people seem to.).

    I know you've been an admin in the past and i've heard a myriad of stories concerning that time-frame. some were positive, but by and large they were annoyed ranging up to horror stories. Which is concerning, but only a secondary thought in my decision making process.

    I wouldnt be adverse to you serving a trial phase as an admin, but ill admit an amount of trepidation in doing even that. My hope is that the stories im hearing from admin and player alike are just the fact that people are more likely to pass on a negative experience than a positive one. But just as ive always asked of my fellow admins and the community im willing to offer up a chance to prove me wrong.
  18. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    I don't think Kad would handle it well. Sorry, but no from me.
  19. TheJuicyFruit

    TheJuicyFruit Well-Known Member

    I feel like kad has toned down a lot of the qualities that would be a problem for adminship, I'm not saying I support or am against this application at this time but it's something I've noticed.
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  20. AquaDraco

    AquaDraco Active Member

    I don't usually do admin applications anymore, but hey, I think Kadingir deserves this. I see nothing but dedication, maturity, and effectiveness in him. Plus, I can actually understand what he's trying to say (unlike some admin applicants), so that's always a bonus when it comes to trying to work with fellow players and administators. Honestly, I believe not accepting him would be a rather unfortunate mistake.

    So here's something you haven't seen in a long time and probably will never see for an even longer time.
    +1 AD
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