Date set to transition to new leadership.

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    Message is a bit long, here's a wonderful ambient song to listen with if you want.

    Ahoy Libernauts!

    It was announced earlier in the year that I would be training a new apprentice to take over the project around this time of the year. That time is almost on us and the date is officially set for 06/18/2015. On that date, full direction of the server will pass to RawrTaicho. Before that happens there are still a lot of things we need to settle before the transition, and we are going to be working diligently (with a semi-healthy level of procrastination) to those ends to meet our goal of a June 18th transition. Which is also my birthday! I've prepared a bit of a FAQ for some questions people have asked me individually about the transition, and some that I expect I might be asked. Hopefully this will help a bit with any confusion that may be floating about.

    Q. "But Zombie, we will miss you! How can you leave us?"

    A. I will only be stepping down from the project lead of LS13 and back into my cozy position of LLA head. I'll still be playing games with my bros and handling general LLA related things, and perhaps the VERY VERY MOST URGENT of LS13 problems if Rawr needs help.

    Q. "Why Zombie, why are you leaving?"

    A. I'm becoming a "real daddy", not just a "server daddy" ;). With the due date in early July but honestly the baby could come even as early as mid-June. Between my stressful and taxing job on the ambulance and the newborn I just wont have the energy or time to dedicate to the project as you deserve, and honestly even now with the baby coming I have been falling somewhat short in those responsibilities. This will be the third time I have stepped back from this position; the first being to Powerful device, the second being to Lone, and now Rawr. As in the past I plan to give Rawr the space and freedom to run the project the way he needs to.

    Q. "What will you be doing in LLA after stepping back to LLA Head?"

    A. In LLA I'll be doing what I love most! When I have time I'll be playing games with my friends representing the LLA banner, and perhaps starting a hobby side project or two when possible. Offline I'll be doing my best to keep my little BabyMonster alive and healthy.

    Thank you guys so much for being so supportive and all of the awesome stuff you guys do for me and for the community. As always if anyone needs me, I'm around.

    Much love from the Zombie household.

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  2. Congrats man. I hope everyone in your family is happy and healthy come baby time. Thanks for all you've contributed to this community.
  3. Sweedle

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    I think you missed the most important question: Will we see the return of Pun Pun, or will it forever be The Don?
  4. Rekiin

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    So I guess I share a birthday with the new project lead? Sweet? But again, all the really cool people seem to be stepping down, mostly due to real-life events, but anyways, its good to hear that your fine, and the server will still be alive, and also when it is born,

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  5. Snow5445

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    Don is it a boy or a girl. Because girls are horrible.

    At least with a boy you only have to worry about one penis with a girl you have to worry about all of the penis'is ever.

    So if it is a girl welcome to the club.

  6. LLA Don Zombie

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    I seriously considered putting this as a FAQ, but it just didn't fit well to the vibe of the message when I was typing it.
    I'll just say, I'm definitely not in the club. Ideally I'll only have to worry about rotator cuff surgery from all the hi-5's I give him when/if he brings home girls. Or guys, I'm not worried either way.
  7. All hail the heir of House Zombie!
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  8. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    Wait till he hates you for not supporting him and his 16 year old girlfriend moving to LA to become famous Crack dealers or something equally stupid. AAH the love of a father and if you tell me you are not terrified right now you are a liar or stupid or insane. Because children are awful!!!! No really and ive raised 2. im not kidding you all wonder why your parents are so fucked up go look in the mirrors. But ooh boy man you best get ready for some things you did'nt expect. You never seriously think about killing another human in cold blood till you have kids. I don't even mean like a taken scenario i mean the teacher yelled at them and they probably shouldant have. But still you know the rest of the world say meh its not that big of a deal, but you want their head on stick.

    And you will also worry when their bus is ten minutes late. You will take them to the ER for the sniffles because you think they are dying of malaria for reasons even you can't explain. You will cry when they leave for school but you will never tell a soul. You will remaind them that their girlfriend at 13 is not going to last and they will say they hate you and slam the door. Because you don't know what love is.

    You also never be more proud then when they get their first paycheck from McDonalds.

    (Cheyane's first paystub is framed in my bedroom from a nursing home)
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  9. LLA Don Zombie

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    Oh I'm definitely a healthy level of worried. Terrified might be an overstatement, because it's not a level of fear that has stopped me from being able to function. Though I could see how some "soon-to-be-parents" might be (too afraid to function).

    I am not so sure you are right about this one. I'm just not a person who's very predisposed to severe anger or rage (or hyperbole). I typically try to approach my problems level headed and objectively. I'm sure I'll be frustrated plenty, but I would be very surprised if I were to "think about killing another human in cold blood", that's just not me.

    This one is also probably unlikely. I am medical personnel and I usually do the transporting of the parents who are freaking out because their kid has a cold. I'm trained in medicine, pediatric medicine, delivering babies, ect. In fact, I will probably be delivering my son myself at the hospital if our OB/GYN will allow me, with his supervision of course. He is running the show.

    ... Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more... sorry... I know they wouldn't believe me because I didn't believe my stepdad when he told me stuff like that. Their feelings in that moment are very real, though everything feels EXTREME because of wild hormones and because they are having those experiences for the first time. That doesn't make the feeling any less real though, it's just new. There are plenty of people who marry a high school sweetheart. Plenty of those get divorces though, but so does practically everyone else. I'll worry about that when the time comes.
  10. Obadiah Mayland

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    Considering I am still a child I feel somewhat awkward posting in this thread, I just wanted to let you know that I, and all my alpaca-people are supportin' ya Don, and if you want tips for how to deal with teens, lemme tell ya, I am a pain in this ass :D
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  11. Snow5445

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    OOh you wait man You are in for hell. Thats why i hate kids because i had them
  12. Cody522

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    What the hell did you do to your kids?

    I don't think my parents are fucked up, I think they're pretty good role models and everyone has their faults besides.
  13. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    More like what did they do to me!!! Cody it's hard to explain but if you are 18 and your parents are not crazy well then you must not be very observent. I gave a list of reasons why they will be. And you have never had to experience that yet and it's fine. And think back to every stupid thing you ever did. Now did someone tell you it was stupid and you laughed at them.
  14. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    Snow I think you may be a bit biased. Not everyone has crazy parents.
    Or, more realistically, we are all a little crazy at times, and if we happen to live with someone for a really big and important chunk of our lives, we tend to notice it in those people more. This is what causes sibling rivalries and such.
    Trust me.
    I know.

    But without going too far off topic... I'm sure Zombie will be one of the cool dads. Y'know, the ones the kid's friends always like. He's a cool guy. Good luck with your family, Mr. Don. Cheers.
  15. LLA Don Zombie

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  16. WellingtonTheThird

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  17. Mabblies

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    Yeah, girls can be pretty bad.
  18. have fun with diapers BWA HA HA HA
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  19. Obadiah Mayland

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    As it turns out, we are all babies. And we all need Don.
  20. Congrats on the family!

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