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  1. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    • •Byond Name: Daddysds3 is the one i use on LLA
      •What do you like to be called? Daddysds1
      •Gender? Male

    • •Past maping experience : Done mapping in SC2 Dream maker and WC3. Wc3 hard to map with gotta tell you the engine was not meant for it at all.
      •How long you have been mapping for. 3 years. 1 Year if you count just dream maker.
      •Examples of your work : Made them attachments because Pics way to big To put on this page.
    My attempt to make Atmos bigger and make the BIG atmos room be deprived of o2. (because why dose atmos need to have o2 its maint like the sing, and the sing is outside so we gonna put atmos outside to.)

    R&D,Ai core satilite ( Because We all know Scintist love blowing stuff up now they can blow this up and not destroy the main station) And yes i made toxins seprate from this station because we all know toxin blows up Within 3 mins of the round starting so you dont get to see that part of it heu.
    R&D mini station.JPG

    And Sydicate ship because they need a bigger ship i mean come on there the fucking sydicate.

    • •Do you have Skype? Yes
  2. Nat_Mortland

    Nat_Mortland Active Member

    I like the syndicate ship alot. But the RD one the xenobiology is small and so is the robotics room otherwise it's all amazing.
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  3. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Aye i kind of ran out of room because of map edge Spess magic Otherwise both of the two rooms whould be bigger Thanks for your input nat.

    Also nat get unbanned Some people liked haveing you around
  4. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    You can extend the map by altering the map size (just change the x,y and z levels in options tab when you open the map I think. It wont delete anything you made.)

    So, my thoughts:
    I don't like atmos at all, the purpose of having gas chanbers detached from the station is that you can't break the glass with the fireaxe, otherwise the gas would spill in the room itself. The pipes can not overlap themselves (like the air pipe going below the scrubber pipe, there will be some gas transfer errors.) There is no way to control input and output of the air, scrubber and mixed pipes. It is extremely easy to alter it for traitor uses (actually, just just turn on 2 pipes.) The filter (green) pipes is looping in the CO2 chamber and I can't see what is the purpose of the middle chamber. I can't see what types of the vents they are.

    too small, flooring is weird in RD's office and AI chamber, it is poorley protected (from space, and front, since there is no Upload Foyer room.) There is really no need for 3 SMES units in AI core, and they are all wired to the station, like, the entire solar wiring is wired to the APC's, they are not going Out of the SMES units.

    Syndicate Ship.
    Spacy, I like that, however, the design is poor, and there is a lot of empty space in the ship, it looks like a flying pointy box.
    Also, to fix the transparent purple stuff at the borders, you make the space tiles first, than hold Ctrl and place the border walls on top of the space tiles. There is also no tiles under the window at the front. ( I might be wrong, but I don't thing that plate looks like that under the window)

    You barely placed any effort on this, or you didn't spent a lot of time on this.
    When Taicho gives you the tasklist, you must put a lot more effort than you showed. If you have any question about mapping (like extending map) send me an PM.
    I wish you luck! :)
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  5. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    I showed What i was willing to show Infernus And it was work I never said it was perfect or my best thanks for the tips also Yes you can change the xy and z levels but it also takes memory to do that.

    Atmos : I went with a design i liked again I was just playing around with dream maker one of my first few things i did.

    R&D : The flooring is weird? Again I went with a design i like ( Just because you dont like it dont mean other people do i thought it looked good but meh)

    Sydicate ship : I wanted it to be Spacious Being pushed around by a bunch of people rushing for gear and bombs is annoying and wants to make you open the vaulve of a bomb inside the ship. Thus i made is spaceious It was also one of the first things i did on dream maker so again EARLY stuff.

    Edit : also you Said something about Pipes and Gas transfer errors can you show me where this is. Also Can't the gas Transfer errors be fixed in codeing if the prob was found?
  6. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    This is how pipes works, if you have a pipe ( (showned as |), it has 2 connectors(showned as ¤¤), upper one and lower one, which connects to other pipes)

    so you have those connected pipes:


    They cant connect if there are overlapping themselves with the same connector positions, they wont know to which pipe they will connect. They prevented this by not allowing you to wrench 2 pipes on top of each other (more if connectors are at the same position).
  7. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Ah So your meaning The O2 out/waste in Pipes that are in the walls They whould cause issues ok That whould explain Why on other maps there not running with each other.

    Anywy thatt can be fixed. Also The big Atmos room has no air so a fireaxe whould do jack shit other then bust open a Chamber that will only flood .6% of the station

    Edit : and while we are on the idea of pipes i think the reason the pipes overlap alot is because i do them last Prob should do atmos First to avoid this Then do everything else and Mold the station around the systum
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  8. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Your attention to detail and overall knowledge of mapping needs a lot of improving. You're banned from the server and your attitude, the majority of the time, is appalling and can be fairly confrontational. We think it may be fairly difficult to work with you on a team. We'd like for this to not dishearten you, however, and if you still wish to pursue a position on our development team in the future then we encourage you to reapply. Thank you.

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