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  1. ProbablyBaron

    ProbablyBaron BANNED

    BYOND KEY: CyborgMedley
    IC NAME: Baron Archil
    PICK THREE THREE DIGIT NUMBERS THAT YOU LIKE (EXAMPLE: 079, 009, 356): 625, 735, 858
    HAVE YOU EVER USED A DIFFERENT BYOND KEY ON ONE OF OUR SERVERS, AND IF SO, WHAT WAS IT AND WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT? - (THIS QUESTION ADDED BY HATTRICK): Yes. PixoTheFisto69. I was introduced to this game by a friend who had given me a very skewed explanation of the game and community, making it seem like a game where you kill people, people kill you, and nobody cares. I had come onto LLA expecting that would be the case. It wasn't. I was apprehended by an admin and they had explained it to me properly, so I changed my key to match my change of attitude towards the game and community.
    HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SS13?: Uh. Early January of 2015? So about 5-7 weeks. *cough cough*
    WHAT DOES HAVING AUTHORITY MEAN TO YOU?: Having authority is being given power and using your power (authority) to fairly mediate between those who do not have authority. Positions of authority are for keeping peace and keeping order as efficiently and mercifully as possible.
    HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY SECURITY?: Lately I've been playing it like an addict. There's always a new situation to adapt to and it feels good to help others.
    OH A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A NORMAL SECURITY OFFICER? EXPLAIN: Somewhere between 7 and 7.25. I try to handle prisoners as politely and understandingly as possible, doing my job quickly and efficiently. I reward prisoners who cooperate and ignore prisoners who don't. I give prisoners a chance to speak their side, and with my best judgement I mediate disputes between all effected parties.
    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF SECURITY ON THE STATION?: To mediate between parties and come to acceptable resolutions. To enforce Space Law to the best of their ability without being harmful to the flow of the station. To find a solution to a criminals behavior without removing them from the game.
    *You are walking down a corridor of the station when you see a clown slip someone on a banana and pull their jump suit off and laugh, how would you handle this*: If they removed just the jumpsuit, I would PDA the Clown a warning saying that I will not tolerate the removal of jumpsuits and if they're caught doing it again I'll be forced to arrest them. If they removed the jumpsuit and stole from the victim, I would arrest the Clown, search him, return any stolen belongings, and brig him for assault and petty theft.
    *You are sitting in the bar having a light drink during a break when you hear someone yell about a xenomorph in the library. You run there and find an alien eating the librarian, what do you do?*: If I was a normal officer I would alert the HoS/Warden over Security comms to bring lethal weaponry to the Library ASAP, there's a xeno. I would warn the station over comms of the threat afterwards, and assure them that the situation is being handled. If possible I would call a Medical First-Responder to take the Librarian to cloning while we secured the area and protected the Medbay staff while they do their job.
    *You are standing in security and you see the head of security being especially rough with a prisoner in a cell, what would you do?*: I warn the HoS that it is against Space Law, and that he'll have to stop doing it. If he continues to do so I would arrest and detain him, call for the Captain (or if unavailable the HoP) and have him demoted to a suitable position. I would promptly release the prisoner while the ex-HoS is being processed, apologizing for the actions of the HoS and assuring him that he will not be abused by Security any longer.
    ARE YOU CURRENTLY AN ADMIN, AND IF NOT-MIGHT YOU BE INTERESTED IN ADMINSHIP IN THE FUTURE?: No! Maybe in the far distant future, but I believe I still have more to learn about the game and community and have deemed myself unsuitable for such a position.
    GIVE US ONE HONEST SITUATION WHERE YOU WERE PLAYING AS SECURITY AND DID SOMETHING MEMORABLE: I was the only Security member on the station, other than a Detective. Shortly after this situation we got another officer. Leo Mccune was being arrested by the Captain. Leo had stolen his spare ID and set up the singularity, and then was caught. The Captain had taken him to the interrogation room and was obviously power-tripping. He wanted Leo executed for his actions, although Leo was going to return the ID and was cooperating. Since Leo had done no harm to the station, helped the Station when nobody else would, was cooperating, and the Captain was giving excessively harsh punishment to a prisoner I detained the Captain. The Detective and I agreed it was the best thing to do in the situation. The crew agreed too. We made Leo the honorary Captain, demoted the ex-Captain to assistant and offered him a promotion to any basic position he wanted. Leo gave me a field promotion to HoS and we continued to lead the station together, setting up task forces to deal with the Spider infestation and properly apprehending criminals until the shuttle was called and we all went home.
    CAKE OR PIE? EXPLAIN IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE: Pie. There are many different forms of pie. Fruit pie, pumpkin pie, meat pie, pot pie. This can't be done with cakes. You can have pies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. They can contain food from every food group. They're versatile, easy to make, and can feed many for a long time. Pie is and will always be superior.
  2. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    We'll be observing you more closely.
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  3. Stingray540

    Stingray540 LS13 Admin

    Seen some good things from you recently. I'll be watching more.
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  4. Well written application. Now on to my experience with you:

    I had played a few rounds on the same sec team as you and didn't notice anything particularly good or bad. Then the other day there was a rev round where I was the HoS and you were an officer.

    Working with officers Alex Reyes, Jack Entrarie and James Warren, the security team was bouncing back forth between cargo and brig, bringing in suspected revs for implanting, and defending each other. We captured and executed two rev heads. The Asimov AI and borgs locked us down and we killed the borgs. The captain apparently made a deal with the AI that we wouldn't kill any more people if it stopped obstructing us. I was not privy to this deal and didn't agree to it. For all of this you were generally nowhere to be seen and rarely said anything over the security channel, in extreme contrast to the three other really switched on officers I mentioned who were shutting down the revolution, responding immediately and without complaint to my orders, and relaying their every move to me efficiently.

    Then you piped in over the radio that you caught the last rev head. But you refused my order to summarily execute him, acted quite insolent, and refused to tell me where you and him were unless I promised to send him off the z-level instead of killing him. Again, this was during an active revolution, where I was the only starting head and all it would take was one attack on me for the heads to lose the revolution while you were mucking about, cuddling and bodyguarding the last rev head. After I told you I wouldn't kill him, you told me you were in the brig, I showed up, took the prisoner, started to drag him to the permawing, which was locked down, went to unlock it and got shot by a syringe. There were at least a dozen people around, almost all of them security and heads, so I had felt safe enough to humor your request to preserve the life of the rev head until that point. The situation changed and it was no longer practical to try to keep the rev head alive. I had no idea who shot me with the syringe (text was moving fast with so many people yammering in the vicinity) or what it contained, so I ordered my officers to execute the prisoner, which they did before I passed out from whatever I was hit with. You then apologized to the rev head in OOC and made me out to be a bad guy.

    Now, I understand that when I'm playing in a security or command role, my actions will sometimes be in conflict with Asimov silicons. I can deal with that. But what I don't find acceptable is a security officer acting like an Asimov borg when a situation very justifiably calls for lethal force and I issue a lawful order to execute a capital prisoner. There is a time and a place for compassion and mercy, but this was not it. I thought that you showed poor judgement, poor teamwork and poor communication in clear contrast to my otherwise top notch team that round. I'm also not sure why if you wanted to send him off the z-level, you didn't just contact the AI and have him help you arrange that.

    You haven't played sec much, I'm open to having my mind changed, but I oppose this application for the time being.
  5. ProbablyBaron

    ProbablyBaron BANNED

    I honestly don't know why you feel this way about the round?

    I was a Security officer, grabbing people from the halls and bringing them to sec to get implanted. Ryan Leech was a rev, got implanted, requested Sec gear and I gave him sec gear. We spent the rest of the round grabbing revs and bringing them to Sec to be implanted. The CMO was secured, by me, and so was an un-implanted non-rev Chemist, Smoke Lineman. One of them, Mr. Jones, was yelling about how he felt it was unfair that he got nabbed and was shouting that I was breaking Space Law. I apologized to him for any breaches in Space Law. Sec relocated the un-implanted prisoners to Cargo because we ran out of implants. I followed to Cargo with Mr. Jones secured safely and he turned out to be a rev-head. We implanted a few more people and went back to Sec. Power was going out, I believe, and there was one rev-head left. I and Kate Smollett, I believe, went to Robotics and found the last rev-head. Seeing as he cooperated and surrendered himself peacefully and that there were extremely minimal revs alive (I think the end-game count was 3? 4?) I brought him to brig to get him taken off of the station alive. Somebody asks "Where's the last rev-head." and I reply by saying I have him, but I want him taken off the station alive. I say he's in brig. Somebody asks again, for some reason. I say AGAIN that he's in brig, and I want him taken off the station alive for being cooperative and surrendering himself. He gets taken away, brought back fifteen seconds later, and then gets punched to death by five people.

    I apologize if you feel I lacked teamwork or communication, but I personally believe I had calmly assessed the situation and did my job dutifully, effectively, and efficiently.
  6. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I've seen good things for you from the standpoint of a fellow officer. However, I have noticed that you have gone braindead as an officer without explaining yourself several times before, try to work on that. In regards to what Flat has said, do remember that we have to follow our superiors, especially in accordance with Red Alert.

    As an applicant myself, I look forward to working with you in the future.
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  7. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    I've seen good things from you. You're good at working both by yourself and with others, have a very pleasant outlook towards your fellows and prisoners. Your reply to Flat was both thought-out and sensible. I'll keep an eye on you, but I'd be more than happy to give this my support.
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  8. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I had a round where I was a traitor who tried to hijack your escape pod. You handled the situation well and proved to be very robust. On top of that, I have been really pleased from what I have seen from you recently.
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  9. Agent, I was there, Cyborg went through the whole process of analyzing the situation and taking care of it, I gotta say they did a pretty good job of identifying the problem and solving it.
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  10. CYBORZ

    CYBORZ LS13 Iconner

    I've had 2-3 experiences, but I want to share one with you:

    It was yesterday in the evening, I just joined in as an assistant and you were and officer. I decided to go into virtual reality for some reason and I met up with a man by the name of "Cash", and we both left till I found out later, many people calling Cash a ling. I found him by HoP's line where we both teamed up, and I promised to help in if he got jumped by angry crew members or security. We patrolled for about 2-3 minutes till we came by Chaplains office, in which me and him see you (I believe) restrain the CE and demanding the AI to open the doors to kill the supposed ling.

    It was then you decided to take the ling CE, Kegesey Winters, to the brig, and me and Cash decided to ambush you since from our perspective you were attempting to make an illegal execution even after we asking you and the AI several times, "What did he do?" and "Any proof that he's a ling?" and got no answers. So on route to brig, we out robusted 4 sec members with a disabler and stun baton, and we kidnapped Kegesey. After this, we went into engineering maint and confronted you, in which we continued to run away from till we got into the construction area in engineering (to the left). So here, is when I was disappointed by your performance, Me, Cash, And Kegesey ran in there with 2 others already there. We stun'd them and cuffed them (we meant no harm) and the Atmos tech set 4 of us on fire with a flamethrower... You, as sec officer breach in and stun both me and Cash, where we're on fire and calling for help since we're dying. You decided to proceed to detain us, than help us from dying by the roaring fire. In the end, we both died, Kegesey died, and a innocent bystander died.

    To sum up this up, there wasn't a lot of proof on Kegesey being a ling from our perspective, though he was. We helped Kegesey out, and got ourselves into a controversy in which many thought we were lings or so, and got killed by fire without help. My final thoughts on you: needs improvement on intent, some communication and evidence.

    Im leaning on the -1 side, yet I'm staying neutral.
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  11. Keone2

    Keone2 Active Member

    Baron is interesting to play with as security and I hope to get more opportunity in futures but for now can you answer some questions? Also CYBORZ I think you are mistaken Cash was in VR with another officer and how do you prove someone's a ling?

    "AI is malf and a engineer just killed the captain how do you respond?"

    "Leo Mccune has just started a nudist DnD klub and HoS outlaws DnD and plans on a raid. How do you respond?"

    "Ryan Leech has just turned into Mari, how do you respond?"

    "How do you respond if you respond to something?"

    "How many 'how do you responds' can you handle!"
  12. CYBORZ

    CYBORZ LS13 Iconner

    Cash left VR with that officer. Me and him met up afterwards and he asked for a favour, I agreed and we worked together. You can prove someone is a ling through DNA, their interactions, them attacking someone or items they may have (i.e. Someone else's ID card while they're covered in blood raises suspicion) and even a husk with their prints on it or blood.
  13. ProbablyBaron

    ProbablyBaron BANNED

    Earlier in the round Johnny and Cash had a dispute where Johnny claimed Cash was a ling. Over multiple channels we had people claiming Kegsey was a changeling, AI confirmed it. When I tried to cremate Kegsey the AI wasn't paying attention to the game, plus the dreaded graytide had come to watch him get cooked. I did not want to stop and have a friendly chat over tea with graytiders who could very well be changelings called over with hivemind. I decided it would be best to take Kegsey to brig for holding until we could sort out our evidence that he was a ling. That's when I got mugged by you two who proceeded to attack Security officers and remove the changeling from our hands. This had given me reasonable cause to believe that you were all lings, so when I went into the construction area after Kegsey I went in with the belief that I would only find changelings. Most of the crew had believed Cash was a changeling too. I had to keep my eyes off of rapidly scrolling chat text to keep my eyes on the rooms doors in case a mob of changelings would break out, seeing as I was the only officer there and I had no clue if backup was coming or not after I had called for it seeing as they did not come the last time I called for back up.
    I apologize for killing non-lings, but when they have done everything in their power to make themselves look like lings from the eyes of Security, the crew, and the AI I find it hard to find fault in my actions.
  14. ProbablyBaron

    ProbablyBaron BANNED

    "AI is malf and a engineer just killed the captain how do you respond?"​
    As a normal Security officer I would grab a trusted officer and go after the Engineer, using the crew as a source of information rather than the AI because it is malf. We would apprehend him and bring him to brig for the HoS to process into perma.

    "Leo Mccune has just started a nudist DnD klub and HoS outlaws DnD and plans on a raid. How do you respond?"​
    SAVE LEO MCCUNE. I would tell the HoS that he's being an idiot, there's nothing illegal about a nudist DnD club (unless they forgot to close the shutters and make it private, then it's public indecency and actually illegal!) and tell him he should back off of their fun. They're not doing anything harmful to anybody and they're enjoying their shift in a peaceful but strange way.

    "Ryan Leech has just turned into Mari, how do you respond?" ​
    Ask who the original Mari was. Ask if it was a stupid genetics prank or an actual changeling sting. I would then grab a trusted security officer and go after Mari (if she was a ling) and kill and cremate her.​

    "How do you respond if you respond to something?"​
    Calmly, quickly, responsively, responsibly, and with confidence in myself.​

    "How many 'how do you responds' can you handle!"​

    Keep 'em coming, I could do it all day if it's what's necessary to go from red to blue.
  15. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I cannot agree with the save Leo Mccune bit. Of course, the HoS is being stupid, but there is a legal procedure you have to go through so you aren't declared as a mutineer against the Chain of command. I would go to the Captain and warn him of this new law preventing a D&D club. As for nudity, that is against space law, and he would forced to be arrested for that.
  16. ProbablyBaron

    ProbablyBaron BANNED

    I put it in the same boat as people who say "Today is hat day! You'll be arrested for not wearing a hat! Everybody has to wear a hat!". I'm not saying I would release them from prison if they were imprisoned, but I would definitely monitor their times and argue their arrests with the HoS. If the HoS were to refuse to listen I would take it up with the Captain.
    Also, if I recall correctly, nudity is only against space law if it's in public? Correct me on this if I am wrong.
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  17. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Indeed it is. One could challenge that the library is a public place, however.
  18. You would tie up yourself, another officer and the HoS to process a permanent prisoner during a confirmed malf round? Instead of detaining and dragging or summarily executing the engineer (given that either code red or code delta would be in effect by this time) and then going after the malf AI? You wouldn't be concerned about securing the pinpointer, since the captain was just murdered and the AI would probably shunt when approached?

    This reenforces an issue I had with you as security in the round I referenced, which is that you pretty much actively worked against me when I was your HoS and I issued a completely lawful order that you disagreed with. Now granted, the question says "HoS outlaws DnD," which would be illegal, and I feel that in this hypothetical this would be a dumb thing to waste time and resources on and would just enrage crewmembers for no reason. So fair enough there.

    "If she was a ling." How would you investigate/determine this? Lings can transform people into any genome they acquire, not just their own initial identity. This would not be real evidence that Mari was a ling at all. There wouldn't be any reason to go after Mari for this alone.​

    Sorry, not liking the answers to these hypotheticals at all, and this is when you have the benefit of being able to sit down and think about the situation instead of making decisions on the fly.
  19. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    From what I've watched of you has been mostly positive although I'm concerned with how long you've been playing.

    A particular round I observed you I watch you catch someone named Chad -lastnamewhatever-. You allowed him to keep his headset in perma and his red shoes. He communicated his location and broke out with someone else and later surrendered to you again calling you goodsec. This showed me you're capable of using your words and that you're capable of being nicecurity.

    A question however:
    You are a Perseus recruit aboard the Mycenae. A Prisoner mime makes a similar request through paper writing, it reads - "Can I keep my mask, beret, and white gloves? I'm just not a mime without them!". How do you respond and why?
  20. Allowing someone to keep their headset, which they then use to coordinate a breakout, is not a positive.
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