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    This is the updated format for coder applications, based off of Psycho's original. Below the format is details on the process.​
    BYOND Name(Key):​
    Past experience?:​
    Other Languages Known:​
    How long have you been coding?:​
    Do you consider yourself a relatively competent coder?:​
    If you have never coded (in DreamMaker) before, are you willing to learn?:​
    This is the required format for coder applications. The process is as follows: ​
    • Fill in the form above and submit an application.
    • Wait to see if the application is accepted.
    • If the application is accepted, you will be interviewed and asked a number of questions. You are expected to answer all of these truthfully.
    • If you pass the interview, you will then be given a small test project to complete on an outdated copy of the source. This is a test of your ability. The more competent you feel you are, the harder the project. However, it will also be smaller.
    • If you pass that, you will then be accepted to the team as a trial member for a week. During this time period, you will be expected to report everything you do, including any problems, to me. You will also not have SVN access. This is to prove you are trustworthy.
    • After the trial period has passed, you are officially a member of the team.
    • Trusted players or players known to be competent coders for certain my forgo some of the above.
    • To prove you have read all this, put a 'code' section in your application form and put in a code of 3 random digits and 3 random characters that isn't the same as anyone previously's. Failure to do this is instant denial.
    We are also hiring coders with no previous experience. However, naturally, you will be expected to learn the ropes first, read all the BYOND tutorials and be subject to lessons. You will not be granted full coder status until you are capable of completing a small project to my satisfaction.​
    During periods when we are short on coders, these rules may be relaxed.​
    Thank you, and good luck.​
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