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    Hello campers. Since these are changes that affect how Perseus interacts with the community, it seems appropriate to announce the changes community wide, so they don't get lost in our own section - in case some folks don't visit it very often.

    The community spoke and we've listened. The first few changes we'd like to announce include an updated SOP ( ), based on the feedback we've been getting. There will probably be a few beats we'll need to hammer out, but we'd like to see how this new set of procedures work out in practice. LemonSoup, your civilian (non admin at time of hire/non Perc) oversight representative and Commander PistolPete did the heavy lifting on this update with the input from a committee of folks. I'll let them talk more about that.

    The other item we're changing right now is rererererebalancing the ep90 stun times. I hear some of the changes weren't carried over in the latest update. So there's that as well.

    Expect to see some other changes in the works, to help make this a more satisfying experience for all players.
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    I want to give a little insight on these changes. We’ve taken the criticism that we’ve received of Perseus and gone ahead and put that into a constructive use. A lot of things were said and we did our absolute best to listen and implement desirable changes. We convened a group of 9 folks, with a mix of non-Perseus, Admins, Enforcers, and Commanders. There will probably be more actions taken at a future point.

    With this update, as Hattrick stated, we’ll be making two large changes.

    One is a rebalancing of our EP90 to bring it in more in balance with the stun setting of the energy gun. Our rebalance committee determined that the EP90 stun time needed to be drastically shortened. The stun time wasn’t updated along with the new source, which left it far stronger than an energy gun. In order to keep it unique from a taser or energy gun, we’ve kept the magazine capacity at 50 and the AOE settings, but have made it so that an EP90 at full charge has the same stun capacity as an energy gun. AOE stun time is still short. They now have a comparable amount of raw stun time instead of the EP90 far exceeding the energy gun.

    The second large change is an update to the SOP. I personally worked with LemonSoup very closely on this, and have had a large amount of involvement from our committee as well. It tightens up the SOP quite a bit. We’ve gone ahead and brought it further into line with Space Law. We’ve also put in a couple common sense changes and I would urge you to compare the new to the old. I want to highlight three subtle, but important changes.
    1. We've made the definition of xenomorph far more explicit in order to make sure that Perseus boardings are more appropriate in this manner.
    2. Secondly, Enforcers are more explicitly directed to work the with the stations's chain of command.
    3. Finally, the use of force has been altered in keeping with Space Law. Under the old use of force, an Enforcer was technically allowed to kill anyone who touched them (hostile or not.) Obviously, this jump was unintended and was not allowed, even as it stood. It's been cleaned up.
    We’re committed to keeping Perseus as a unique challenge, while maintaining a good play balance. I encourage and will address any questions about these changes.

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