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    1.) I admit that I don't play nearly as much as I used to, but used to play very frequently. I'm not sure I've ever lost the perspective and feel of a player, as when I discuss anything, I tend to do my best to look at it from the perspective of a player as well. You do raise a good point though, I should and will try to play more frequently.

    3.)Assistant isn't the only job I play. I've tasted all of the jobs since the new update. Assistant is just the most frequent. However, when I'm not playing, I'm observing and learning things. Adminchat also keeps me up to date on certain features and functions and so on. But again, I still should play around a little more, you're right.

    6.) When I say I'm content, I meant specifically in regards to the current rules. I'm open to the idea of change and I've already had ideas to change certain things.

    8.) This is a really broad question which could have dozens of answers, really. Basically, someone should know the gist of their job if they want to take a role. An engineer should know how to set up an engine, or at least if they don't, learn to do so. As for what not to do? Well, as many should know, our server is generally about a certain level of freedom. As long as they're not breaking the rules, I'm generally not going to get on them for something. But it all depends on the vast degree of context that this game can provide. With such a broad question, it's hard to give a single answer that could cover hundreds upon hundreds of questions.
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    6.) Could you give us any specifics?

    8.) What about the following specific scenarios, how would you handle them as an admin: (A) a borg that will not follow the AI's orders because it has a differing interpretation of its laws, (B) constructs or shade who won't listen to their master's orders (C) a Security Officer that does nothing as the HoS permabrigs assistants for non-capital crimes (assume no Warden), (D) a HoP that gives himself and several others all-access (randomly picked, as eventual allies), creates and releases an annoying yet not lethal virus, and helps non-capital prisoners escape against the wishes and orders of the Captain and security, claiming they "are shit" or the likes?

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