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    Hey, folks!

    When I first moved in with my girlfriend many many years ago I was a bit surprised to find that her and her dad rarely ever cooked homemade meals. The closest they'd usually get to it was a Stouffer's lasagna bake. Now I understand we don't all always have the money to cook the nicest fanciest meals, but many delicious recipes can be made for a rather reasonable price and it will feed you for a couple of days.

    Feel free to post your recipes, but try to keep the cost affordable. 10 - 25$ a meal is a preferable range, but if you've got something a little fancier be sure to tag it as such.

    I'll start with the Chicken Alfredo recipe I've been using a lot lately.

    Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

    Ingredients and approximate cost:​
    Milk - ~5$​
    Butter - 2$​
    8 oz Grated Parmesan Cheese - 3$​
    Garlic Powder - 1$​
    Cream Cheese - 2$​
    Black Pepper - 1$​
    Fettuccine Noodles or Wide Egg Noodles: 3$​
    Two cans of chicken - 6$​
    Total cost: ~24$​
    Feeds two people for 2 - 3 days.​

    Part one - Noodles
    Required Ingredients:​
    One pack of noodles. (Fettuccine or Wide Egg Noodles.)​

    First things first we'll want a pot big enough to house your noodles. Pour the noodles in the (Egg noodles work really well because they're fast, have a wide area for sauce, and you don't have to cook part of the noodle first and worry about breaking it like with Fettuccine)​
    You can flavor the noodle water with a bit of oil, pepper, and salt.​
    Bring the water to a boil and keep stirring to keep the noodles from sticking to the pot.​

    Part two - Sauce
    Required Ingredients:​
    Two cups of Milk
    1/2 cup of Butter
    One 8 oz package of Cream Cheese
    6 ounces of grated Parmesan Cheese
    2 teaspoons of Garlic Powder
    1/8th teaspoon of Black Pepper
    Optional: A pinch of Chives
    So you'll start by pouring 2 cups of milk into a sauce pan. Then you'll put a 1/2 cup of butter into it and bring it to a boil as you add the rest of your ingredients. Keep a whisk nearby and stir with it. You'll then add your 8 oz of cream cheese. Make sure to pinch off chunks and toss it in a bit at a time instead of all at once. The whisk will be your best friend here.​
    As it begins to melt and all become liquid you'll add your Garlic Power, Black Pepper, and Chives if you opted them in.​
    Part Three - Chicken
    Pretty self explanatory. You'll remove the chicken from the cans, put it in a pan with a bit of water, and bring it to a boil as well so it will break down into strings. I usually jab at it with a spoon to speed up the process.​
    At this time your noodles should be getting close to done, the sauce should be thickening up (turn it down off boil), and you'll just be waiting on the chicken to separate out into nice chunks.​
    Part Four - Bringing it all together!
    So when your chicken is finished you'll pour it into a strainer. Once the chicken is strained you'll dump it into the sauce and stir well. Then you'll strain you noodles, pour them back into the big pot, dump the sauce it, stir, and serve!​
    Enjoy, folks!​
    Now lets hear your own affordable recipes!​
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    Beer chicken da best chicken.
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  3. Buy fast fry steak. Put it on a pan on the oven and flip it over a bunch until both sides look burnt. Dip in copious amounts of barbeque sauce.
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    $4 walmart frozen pizza is good.
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    Around Valentine's Day this year, it was just after I booted my ex from my place and decided I very much needed a refreshing date with someone intelligent, attractive and reasonably sane. I didn't want to stretch my budget too far, and finding a place that cooks good food for a hot date on the cheap was difficult. The stars aligned and I had the perfect plan: I'd stay home and cook dinner for myself.

    I mention Valentine's day, because it played a vital part in helping me afford my hot date's dinner. With plenty of deals going around, it was easy to get stuff like steak and shrimp and wine. Steak for two was $9. Shrimp for two was $10. Being for two, they could easily serve someone for two days. That's four days of dinner for a little over $20 after you throw in sides and shit. Being a young male, I typically had wine and whiskey already stocked in my place.

    For the steak: Arguably the simplest thing I cooked. Served me for two days, since I had two. Rub some seasoning on it, pair with either red wine or whiskey. For shits and giggles, I'd marinate the steak in the wine or whiskey the night before. With whiskey, a good side is mashed potatoes. With wine, you can't go wrong with steamed broccoli. Total cost per meal hovers around $7 and it's way, way better than going out to eat at a fast food joint.

    What I did with the shrimp: I planned on having two nights of shrimp to myself. However, I wound up having to serve an unexpected guest that night. Shrimp alfredo with white wine is the obvious choice. So I made the obvious choice - cheap alfredo sauce was already in my fridge, and I threw some red pepper and paprika in there with the shrimp. I added a hint of lime juice in there to tie it in with the wine. I had intended to use garlic in there, but with my guest, I decided against it for obvious reasons. Total cost to feed two people was roughly $20, and the majority of that, aside from the shrimp, was the wine. She liked it a lot. Splitting the food between two means I didn't have anything left over, but it was worth it.

    I generally rely on much cheaper options to feed myself, but a little bit of indulgence here and there can be affordable and does wonderful things to feed the stomach and soul.
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    I'm a strange person who likes eating white rice with yogurt, it's comfort food for me.

    So if you can make really fluffy rice (you can get a bag of long grain white rice, 10 lbs, for like 5 bucks) and get a thing of good plain yogurt (I think price depends, I can't remember) put some salt/pepper to taste, you too can enjoy the orgasmic comfortness of it. :3

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    For my cheap meal when I'm not stealing leftovers from work is Ramen.​

    How I cook my Ramen:​
    [Ingredient | Cost]​
    Shrimp Ramens | The lint in your pocket​
    Spicy Ramens | The lint in the cashier's pocket​
    1 Slice of cheese of your choosing | Varies. ​
    Cinnamon or Garlic Salt | Probably some money​
    Egg | Egg​
    Cnnamon tastes great in Ramen, found that out while wanting something other than Ramen to eat. If you have any meat to throw in that do so.​
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    MRE's. they taste horrible but are easy to make and you can keep them down. I have actually started eating them since my wife left and now that the kids are gone i have no one to eat with. So it's just me.
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    As someone who went to school to cook for two years, some of these physically hurt me.

    But TBH, im pretty much to a point where ill buy a pack of ramen and a rotissere chicken (From kroger or walmart) and fabricate the chicken down into chunks while its still hot (The first pack you make will be your most delicious, as the rest will taste slightly of fridge.) Add some garlic (Preferably not powder) An egg (Optional) some ciracha (Optional) and a small portion of sugar while its cooling to an edible temperature.

    Sugar brings out the flavor in a savory dish, for anyone who just cried a little bit.

    I personally suggest chicken ramen for this, but the chicken will hold the flavor of pretty much anything you put it in.

    REMEMBER: The chicken MUST be cooked before you add it to this, as much as most people think "Adding heat to stuff cooks it fuck-o" you WILL essentially be making a mushy salmonella soup if you try to cook the chicken in the ramen water.

    Want even more in your ramen? Believe it or not this is basically the poor mans playground. Cut some green pepper strips or some thin onions! Use actual garlic cloves for your garlic! Add a bay leaf or two to it! Ramen is like a quarter, feel free to toss some of those spices laying around into it, if you ruin it, all youve wasted is a bit of time. Because if you cant affort a quarter hit in your budget, you have BIGGER issues to worry about than homecooked meals!

    Another one i liked (If you want to feel like a fancy chef and a bit cultured while still being a fat american) Is as follows.

    So, goat cheese, right? Its PRETTY MUCH inedible when you buy it, and you need to cook it into things to make it edible. SO Get yourself some olive oil and a small bit of goat cheese and bring out the frying pan. youre gonna slice these bits of goat cheese fairly thin, But we arent talking paper thin, more like half a pencil thin. Now youre LITARALLY gonna turn your burner onto med-high and fry those bitches in the olive oil DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLIP THEM. So, after about five or six minutes you're already on the last step. Youre gonna get to play FUCKING PYRO with your cooking! And You Set the pan on fire (Think im joking? Because im not =I) with an outside flame. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DONT TRY TO BE COOL AND DO IT WITH THE FLAME OF YOUR STOVE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING. This fire finalizes the cooking process and makes it an edible SIDE DISH (This is not meant to serve as a meal, unless you WANT to eat an entire meal of fire roasted goat cheese?) with the stipulation that you have about 5-6 minutes to enjoy it before your have a melted rock on a plate. Its a lesser known side dish in Italy(?) and it HAS a name that eludes me for the moment. It tastes alright and you'll feel good for having cooked something so flashy looking, this isnt really a viable method of feeding yourself, more like a cheap way to show off to your friends!
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  12. Ooooo more recipes, I need to experiment with some food and mostly all Ive made so far are burnt messes :p
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    Try it with moonshine if you like the taste of gasoline at least.
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    This has reminded me that I need to bug my dad to give me his recipe for ramen surprise next time I see him...
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    Ok fine go to the store and buy cheap steak. Cover each side of it with about a quarter inch of salt. Then let it sit for three hours. Marinade in butter and garlic and lemon juice over night. Cook in oven on low broil until rare. USING A VERY HOT CAST IRON SKILLET, throw butter on the skillet and sear each side of the steak. Cook a potoato in the microwave and you have yourself a damn fine supper for under five dollars. OOh and i mean CHEAP STEAk works with this i have a different recipie for good steak
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  19. Mmmmm thankksss

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