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Discussion in 'Code Suggestions' started by Zeb, May 12, 2015.

  1. Zeb

    Zeb Member

    An interesting idea I've had for a while is that of having bonus objectives that, once completed, could award bonus telecrystals, perhaps unlocking new items that cost more than the default amount at round-start.

    Send an explicit message to central command via the communications console.
    E-mag a borg.
    Disable the Singularity.
    Create x amount of Ambrosia Vulgaris.
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  2. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    Seems interesting... I'll remain neutral for the time being towards this.
  3. Zeb

    Zeb Member

    The idea was to create a way for the traitor to complete his/her objective and then have a way of gaining extra items to create CHAOS or a reason for the shuttle to be called.
  4. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    "This will only promote grief! bla OPPPPP bla NERF!!!! bla!1!!"

    I support this fun idea. +1
    But see above to find out what i suspect a lot of people will say. - kad's daily prophecy
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  5. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    A mechanic for this already exists within the game, though.
  6. Zeb

    Zeb Member

    Well go on then, explain it to the class! This is news to me.
  7. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    Send a message to the admins and ask for more objectives.
  8. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    If you emag a comms console, you can contact the syndicate for more objectives and crystals.
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  9. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    ...wait, really? You get extra TC?
  10. Sweedle

    Sweedle Active Member

    If I recall correctly, you are able to send a message to the Syndicate, much like you can send messages to Centcomm with a legit console, to which the Syndicate (totally not the admins) can assign you extra obj's/TC. If you were, for example, the captain who had to steal his own gun, you could emag the console, send a message to the gods/Syndicate/admins/noone asking for something a little more challenging.
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  11. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Basically an ahelp but IClly.
  12. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Perhaps this current feature could provide an automated option that provides goals that can be completed mid-round to earn TC per accomplishment? With limits, of course. We don't want a TC factory.

    My next suggestion is a TC factory.
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