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    Hello boys and girls, as you are all no doubt aware (@here arms pls) we have a pretty strong following for Arma 3 on discord. Due to the kindness of Dingleflop we are in the process of setting up a dedicated LLA server for our modpack. If anyone new or old to the Arma group Is planning to join us then this thread is going to be updated with what mods we have, changes made and how to install so you can hop on the server.

    So first things first, the mod list.

    As you'll see we have 45 in this collection and including RHS that makes 48.
    The first step is to subscribe to all items in the list and ensure they are all loaded into your Arma 3 launcher:

    As you can see in the top right you can save a preset once they are all loaded in, in case you need an Altis life fix.
    Now the tricky stuff comes with RHS installs which as of now if not on the workshop (the next major RHS update will be added to workshop saving this headache).

    For RHS follow this link once here follow the instructions for Fresh install, which has nice GIFs and explanations to get you set up.
    In the end it should look like this in your Arma 3 folder.


    and inside each folder:


    Once all 3 RHS folder look like that, run the update.bat on each one, to ensure you have the latest version.
    lastly for RHS, follow the local mod tab on the Arma 3 launcher and add the .exe files to the launcher in each of the 3 RHS folders and load them in the mod.


    Perfect, nearly there! One last mod requires some out of steam updating and that is our radio system TFAR.

    Step 1 go to the web page and download radio.

    Next you want to have teamspeak 3 installed, go into the .ZIP you just downloaded and follow the folders into teamspeak 3 then plugins. You want copy the CONTENTS of this folder into the actual TS3 plugins folder.


    TL;DR copy this ---^ into this ----v


    Then the last step is to launch TS3 and head to settings>plugins and if all has gone well, you'll see the TFAR add on, just check that box and you should be all set.


    That brings us to the end, you should be ready to patrol with your LLA homies, shooting civvies and crashing vehichles before dieing horrible to IEDS as you argue over why you can only carry 1 primary weapon and who gets what callsign.

    Mod Pack:
    LLA Unit:
    Server IP:

    >Your PC installing RHS
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