Apology and notice of... resignation? termination? leaving?

Discussion in 'General' started by JPR, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Well, I hoped to wait a little while before doing this, but I figure now's a good time to both announce my departure (in... 17 days) and apologize to the community.
    I haven't been banned or anything, but I've noticed myself pushing the boundary of the rules more and more lately because I know I'm leaving soon, and that's something I need to that would be the RIGHT THING to stop.

    I used to play chemist and CMO to HELP people, and here I am now, debraining people and poly aciding brains to remove them from the round PERMANENTLY just because they messed up medbay a little bit? Or almost protolathing a assistant's brain as RD when he stole a MMI? Or pushing the bounds of IC in OOC because a ninja instakilled me as RD once I got materials... ignoring the fact that I DID THAT to others with pacid? Or using PLASMA syringes as a non-antag? None of it's particularly bad, but taken together... yeah.

    I'll be leaving LLA for at least 2 months on the 28th for a... let's call it a "job opportunity". Some of you know what that is, and where I'll be, and it is unlikely that I will ever be more than sporadically back in the foreseeable future.

    It's been a long ride, from my first round in 2011 (atmos tech, got adminprisoned by flavo for wrenching atmos all to hell, good times), to my first (and so far, only) ban (flavo, again), the appeal to which started my forum account, all the way to today, where I'm, if still not robust, a master of each and every noncombat mechanic ingame, and moderately influential on the forums.

    I've always tried to play as a robust, prepared, and HELPFUL character, and I intend to not stop and stoop to the level of a griffon just because I know I'm leaving. I'll miss LLA, and hopefully will return again in the future.
  2. Man I wish you didn't have to go.
  3. Are you going to prison or something?

    Anyways, sorry to see you leave. For what it's worth, I've never considered you any sort of shitler to this day.
  4. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Pretty much. Navy nuke ops. And yeah, I know I'm not, I just have to STAY that way.
  5. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    The difference between a robuster and a griffon is terrifingly simple; You just have to stop caring about anyone else.
    So this is gonna be you?

    I don't think I got to know you too well, but I'll be sad to see you go. You're pretty alright.
  6. AquaDraco

    AquaDraco Active Member

    Ohhhh, protolathing brains. Classy.

    You'll always be there in our hearts as that oddly competent medical... person.
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  7. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Heh. I don't think many people got to know my character, because I didn't do shit, didn't grief, didn't start fights, didn't wander off from medbay/research, just made sure that no matter WHAT condition you arrived in, you left at 100%, no brain damage, no disabilities, and no blindness (unless you messed medbay up...)
  8. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    Tell me... what was your character name...?
  9. cheif264

    cheif264 LS13 Admin

    Ye shall be missed ;(
  10. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Gratian Brandenburg. Every round, only one I played.
  11. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I remember that name. Now I won't forget.
    Godspeed, sir.
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  12. Pumpkin Man

    Pumpkin Man LS13 Admin Staff Member

    You were a good crewmember and will be missed. Take care friend.
  13. Kneeskeysllama

    Kneeskeysllama Well-Known Member

    I'll miss you and your shiny baldness </3
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  14. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I'm proud to say that the first two rounds of SS13 I have recorded, you were in them both.

    You were good sec and good crew, and I will miss you.
  15. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    All the best man :(

    Also, Flavo adminprisoning you in 2011? Are you sure? >.>
  16. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Yep. MAY not have been him, but that was my first round *sob*
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  17. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    I assume not since neither him nor I were admins until late 2013 :p
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  18. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Heh. Wonder if the notes show it?
  19. Well, best of luck with your training/service. I'm kinda bummed that I never got to mine while you did R&D or vice versa, since we both complained all the time about mining and science never both being competent in the same round.
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  20. Ahbahl

    Ahbahl Active Member

    You will be missed, Gratian Brandenburg. Many good memories are linked to that name. Take care and have a good one. :D
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