Implemented Antag: Flavorful Objectives

Discussion in 'Code Feedback' started by Psyentific, Apr 1, 2015.

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  1. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    Pull request updated. Current flavor list as follows:
    "Murder [SPACEMAN]. Try to do it with his/her own job equipment, and prepare a witty one-liner to accompany the act."
    "Assassinate [SPACEMAN]. Try to do it in an elaborate and creative way."
    "Execute [SPACEMAN]. You are encouraged to make sure there are as many witnesses as possible and to attempt to destroy the body."
    "Assassinate [SPACEMAN]. Your employer suggests befriending him, then killing him when he least expects it."
    "Assassinate [SPACEMAN]."
    "The Mafia has called in a favor; you must kill [SPACEMAN]. They won't be able to control the local authorities, so the Don suggested you do it 'real quiet like'"

    "Steal [ITEM]."
    "Seize control of [ITEM]. Your contact recommended doing it loudly; the attention will provide cover for other operatives."
    "The Mafia is calling in a favor. You must steal [ITEM], they don't care how."
    "Procure [ITEM]. Your contact recommended keeping it quiet; You're can't collect that paycheck if you're dead."
    "Steal [ITEM]. If possible, use it to create as much chaos as you can."
    "Grab [ITEM]. It may be a good idea to sabotage a nearby area of the station to create a distraction."

    Mutiny (VIVA!):
    "[SPACEMAN] has abused his workers for far too long. Show him the fury of an enraged worker. VIVA!"
    "For too long [SPACEMAN] has lorded his superiority over you! Destroy him! VIVA!"
    "The tree of progress must be watered with the blood of counterrevolutionaries; [SPACEMAN]'s blood will suffice. VIVA!"
    "Assassinate [SPACEMAN]"
    "Kill [SPACEMAN]! Glory to the revolution!"
    "Follow in the footsteps of the great revolutionary Josef Stalin! Kill [SPACEMAN] and seize control of your destiny! We will be heroes!"
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  2. Ahbahl

    Ahbahl Active Member

    Not trying to be grammar nazi but I hope its right in the code.
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  3. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member


    EDIT: arrrrrrrrgh
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  4. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    I DID THISSS! I killed EVERYONE with the revolver, said a one-liner, and left a syndie card :)

    BRAINOS Well-Known Member

    You missed the part where you do it with their equipment doe. The one-liners were appreciated. :D

    Space the QM using the conveyor belt in Cargo, kill the RD with an emagged borg or a mech, overdose the chemist, etc.
  6. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    I try :) I had no emag, so I had to blow the borg :( Then I realized freeform :mad: Should have told it "The roboticist is not human. Terminate the nonhuman inefficiently while doing your best impression of a malfunctioning robot"

    The problem with this was that it was low pop, and I could get away with it. If there's a SS13 murder, usually you get caught by an angry mob if you try to leave a card :(

    We need ways to cuff people to belts.
  7. LLA Don Zombie

    LLA Don Zombie The Don Staff Member

    I mean from now on.
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