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    Got you a bit excited huh? This space is reserved for the coming announcement.
    Stay tuned.
    The decision for picking an apprentice has not been one that I have made lightly. I have carefully considered and weighed the skills, strengths, and personality of each applicant meticulously. All applicants have been seriously considered. I deeply enjoyed reading each application and being privy to a candid peek into the mind and personality of each of them. Every one who applied is special and qualified in their own way which tears a bit at my heart for having to pick between them. So it is with a heavy heart and bated breath I announce that my new apprentice will be.... Black Michael Jackson! (blame raptor)​
    .... I've just been told he is currently unable to accept the position...​
    In that case I will have to default to my second pick. This guy has been with me since LS13 reformed in the wake of the disappearance of PS13. He's always been right there at my side figuring out what I need and doing his best to help me reach my goals. My pick for my apprentice, and honestly he's been an unofficial robin to my batman for a long time, is RAWR.​
    Now on a side note. This leaves an opening for the Headmin. This is the true unsung hero and the real face of the admin to the community. My first task I gave to Rawr on informing him of the my decision, was to have him help me pick a new person for his position. We were in unanimous agreement that the only person we wanted for the job is Wellington. It is long overdue. You would be hard pressed to find someone who's put more time or effort into the server. He has accepted this position and we will start that transition immediately.​
    To reiterate on earlier points, these decisions were not based on popularity, or nepotism but really just putting the right skills and people in the right places where they can grow and prosper. Thank you to everyone who applied, and everyone who commented on the applications. Also thank you to everyone for your patience in me being about 20 min late on this post. There was a lot to do, and more to go before I'm done.​
    Edit 2:​
    Where we go from here. Wellington will take over the running of the admin team, rawr will help me in the running of the things I do. Hopefully 2 partially active people equal one good active person. Over time as we get closer to the baby arriving in July he will stand more and more on his own and things will go on the way they always do. I will not be stepping down anytime in the forseeable future as the benevolent over-dad of LLA. I am just achieving my final dadly form, and freeing up some space for the young guns to take over again. As always have fun, contact me if you need me.​
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    The edit was made!
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