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    This is the tale of Sydney "Syd" Anderson and a very annoying atmos tech named Cy Borg. (who is actually a pretty good friend, this was a fun round overall for both of us)

    I started the round as captain and decided to sit at my desk and talk to the various other heads on a pretty much high pop round, checked in sawyer anderson (no relation) asked him to setup the engine and he responds "NO SHIT". the other departments were much more pleasant and perseus was helpful. Some tablet alerts started happening which i assumed were done by Sawyer(CE) so i viewed the cameras of telecoms, nothing there. weird.

    I assumed sawyer built a console somewhere and was dicking around. the alerts kept coming which kept documenting what people said over command and sec radio which i suppose was helpful but it was giving out sensitive radio information. here was some of there colorful commentary

    I got fed up with him and decided to hunt him down, there was atmos tech named Cy Borg who suddenly had access to most radio channels so i had a hunch where to look, my sawyer suspicions left when i realized this guy was too clever to be sawyer.

    Cy Borg had mentioned that he was shifting through his radio frequencies which was a huge hint in finding him as only 5 places have intercoms that can reach the department frequencies. Checked the meeting room, nothing. Checked the maint rooms, nothing. Checked the AI core, AI.. He had to be on the DJ station. i grabbed a GPS and jetpack and went to get him.
    i show up at the DJ station, nanonet server monitor found. i come in, i fire lasers at this console and stun him. cuff him.

    i deconstruct his console and head back to the station with the monitor board. take a seat in my office and go afk to eat and prep this tale. while eating i see perseus say that the borg has "Cy Borg" in telecoms. i run down there and he runs past me i look in... he stole the damn board again. i chase after him and head to the chapel, he slips out and i jump out for him he gets away and i almost die i get back into the station, heal up and prepare to visit him again.

    i head to the DJ station, hes not there. So i start to weed him out i shut off the router, fly to the station, tablet him, he gets no message, fly back turn on the router, fly to station, tablet him, he gets the message. i search all of z.4 (derelict space) for him and find him in the derelict solar control, i enter hes ready for me, we battle.

    i shoot out his damn console and he comes by and disarms me, we have a disarm fight in zero G derelict. he gets my bad, pulls out my telebaton, wacks at me, i shoot at him. i decide it would be wise to throw him away from the derelict giving me enough time to dissemble his console. he gets my bag, runs to space himself i chase after him and hit him with the telebaton the bag drops and he floats into oblivion... i win. i go back and realize i have no tools to disemble the console but the round is nearly over the countdown to the final moments go. suddenly he comes back (i assume he threw something to save himself) battle continues. He continues to try and fly off with my bag. 30 seconds left before the shuttle docks at centcom, he flys off with my bag again, shuttle docks at centcom, i pull out my laser gun and fire him down. he falls into crit, and i am stuck on the derelict..... all this over telecomsfuckery.

    We had fun, and it wasnt a robust victory, it was a resourceful victory and I'm proud of that.
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    Quoted for posterity.
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    Classic flavored makeing sarcastic remarks at me.


    10/10 story would read again.
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