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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Taicho, Nov 12, 2014.

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    With each passing month, Liberty Station continues to change based on the issues the server currently faces and the feedback we receive from the community. With the change of standards, this means I've had to make the unfortunate decision of removing administrators, whether they be Secondary or Senior, for a wealth of reasons that range from complete inactivity to misconduct. Its an unfortunate process and our numbers have dwindled, but that opens the door for a lot of new trial administrators to be added!

    Administrating, unfortunately, isn't a paid profession in this community. It is a volunteer role, and as such we don't ask for perfection from our applicants, but there are some things we look for when evaluating applications and deciding who we want to bring into the trial process, and possibly eventually onto the team fully. This is a great way to help out the community and server, and will also allow you to develop a range of skills that, in my experience, have been genuinely beneficial in life.
    • We don't expect you to be the nicest, kindest, friendliest person ever, but we do expect you to be able to work well in a team. The majority of decisions made stem from group discussions, and with you constantly coordinating with others administrators whilst working on the case, it's of the utmost importance that you can work comfortably with and get along with the other members of the team. If you aren't a team player, then the role likely isn't for you!
    • Communication is KEY in any role that requires you to coordinate with others, whether members of the team or those adminhelping. Perfect English is by no means a requirement but we do need you to display a certain level of coherency in your dealings. If people struggle to understand you due to lack of coherency then its very easy to find that there's been major miscommunication which can certainly cause serious problems.
    • Tolerance. Tolerance might seem like quite an obvious one, but as an administrator, we expect you to be able to tolerate the most colossal of shitters and keep your cool in the heat of the moment. You will deal with people who are irritating, aggravating, and absolutely beyond unreasonable, but we pride ourselves on our administrative standards (mostly) and make a habit of approaching every player, situation, and discussion calmly. Good form and etiquette is key!
    • This is a volunteer role, and as such we don't expect you to give up every hour of your waking day to moderate our little 2D game, but we do encourage all applicants to ensure they can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to administration. Even if you're not constantly on the server, we expect some degree of activity, whether it be handling appeals, providing feedback in applications, or simply contributing to pressing community discussions! Make sure you have the time to contribute.
    • It's pretty much a given that, as an administrator, who enforces the rules and assists people when they can, you do need quite a large understanding of game mechanics. You'll be asked a variety of obscure questions and you need to have the knowledge to answer these questions and offer appropriate aid when its requested.
    • Whilst less of a requirement and more of a personal opinion, I believe administrators who are willing to take initiative are perhaps the most beneficial of all. Hand holding is all well and good but the Head Administrator only has two hands for a team of thirty+. Administrators who take initiative to deal with cases, sort issues, and present feedback and suggestions without it being constantly demanded or requested of them are highly beneficial to the team.
    • Finally, we require our administrators to be able to follow the rules, policies, and Administrator CoC. We have standards and these will become quite clear when/if you are trialed. You are the role models of the server, and the ones trusted with maintaining a pleasant gaming environment. If you cannot follow these basic rules and requests then you are breaking the trust the community puts in us and you will be swiftly removed. We aren't enforcing a Nazi Regime, but we do have expectations and have no place for people who don't acknowledge what those are.
    If you have a desire to help out the community, and think you would make a decent administrator based on the standards listed above, we encourage you to navigate to the format here and post and application of your own, stating your interest!
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