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Do you believe I would make a good admin?

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  1. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    Alrighty Flat, I do like to get a tad bit silly sometimes, but only around people who I know, my sincere apologies.
    However, I do not recall the kill/griefbaiting, it'd be nice if you elaborate.
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  2. What I meant was, deliberate or not, using "me" to fake antag status can have the effect of fooling other players into trying to kill you, enabling you to in turn kill them in "self-defense." Even if this was not your intention it is something that people commonly do to provoke an attack to justify killing/critting/assaulting other players.
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  3. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    I did tell you that I was only kidding afterwards; I would've said that to anyone no matter who it was, and if they took it the wrong way I'd accept the responsibilities that it imposes.
  4. Bluebreez100

    Bluebreez100 Member

    I think right here, death is an in game consequence of the action to portray yourself as an antagonist. Let alone, I don't think this is enough reason to completely deny him adminship. I know it may not be the only reason you want to say no, but it's still just Kegsey being Kegsey, from what I can tell.
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  5. I was dead and observing when you did this. I believe you when you say you weren't kill/grief baiting. I also believe you were just having fun and screwing around and had no malicious intent. It's still OOC in IC and not funny though.

    Well, no. Using a mechanic such as "me" to deliberately pretend to be an antagonist is not okay, and is a lot different than a clown running at security with a toy esword. It's exploiting a game mechanic for something other than its intended purpose, with no reason other than to cause trouble.

    No, it was not the only reason I said "no." I was inclined to say no from the outset of seeing this, both due to his notes and as I have previously seen him completely neglecting his responsibilities while in command roles, but I wanted to give him a chance to change my mind. Sadly that didn't happen.
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  6. Bluebreez100

    Bluebreez100 Member

    Yeah, I can see how it might be difficult to hand over adminship to someone who has abused command roles, but recently, in fact only a few games ago, I saw nothing but complete honor from Kegsey. He wanted to complete his objectives without harming anyone, and I think did so besides killing the Captain. He didn't loot the Captain either. I did that. But anyway, maybe I should watch him a little more, but other than that I see a little improvement, maybe not a lot, but enough to consider a trial.

    I honestly think a trial would decide if he's ready or not.
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  7. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    I'd like to thank you both for your opinions, whilst I'd also like to encourage everyone else that voted at the top of the page to post their opinions as well, instead of just voting.
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    SPLEEN MCQUEEN Active Member

    I don't know man, I haven't had to butt heads with you in a while and that's good, on the other hand the times I have had to were so unbelievably frustrating that they completely drown out my opinion of you, in short, meh
  9. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    I know that we've had our good and bad situations together, but that happens to the best of us.
    Hell, I'm pretty sure at one point everyone hated me, I'm lucky to have found my place and friends on LLA.
  10. I never hate anyone nomatter their past, I also havent commented on this app as I dont know what to say. I see you, but I have little to no experience with you sorry, Id love to help.
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  11. My understanding is that last night the following occurred:

    You were playing as the AI, and Raptorblaze was a ling who was borged and proceeded to attack Smoke Lineman, who he knew from hivemind to also be a ling. From what I saw you tried to intervene and claimed to Raptor that he wasn't supposed to remember anything from before he was borged. On LLA borgs and clones are permitted to remember the events of the whole round, including before they died or were borged.

    Please correct me if my account of what transpired is mistaken. But again, I'm sorry, this does not seem like the quality of play I would want from an admin candidate, as much as I appreciate your desire to contribute to the community.
  12. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    In a previous situation like this I was told that Cyborgs were unable to retain their memory after being borged, I was simply trying to dissolve the situation by telling the cyborg that he must be going senial, I believe IronBlood was the one who spoke to me about it telling me that they do keep their memories, then after that I immediately released him.
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  13. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    I aint really seen you alot recently to support this time to be eluxor and watch.
  14. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    With it just being new years I had taken some time from playing SS13, however I have been on again recently.
    I do believe that my play-time will decrease with myself starting work soon however I'd still try to play when possible
    (Kegsey will be working from 9am - 5pm so that mean he will be going to bed at roughly 11pm~)
  15. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Lets hear it for talking in third person. Mabbs enjoys talking in third person.
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  16. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    "Kegsey never talks in the third person. " announce Kegsey.
    Kegsey prefer the narrative speech.
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  17. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't be laughing at this post, Mabbs. (2nd person)
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  18. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    One should not be laughing at themself.
    One would be considered insane (4th Person)
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  19. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Unfortunately most of my (hazy) memories of kegsey are either them being the target of my ic ire for dickish behaviour or them being the one calling out baddies. So IC I'm definitely not impressed due to personal issues I've had with you. And in that respect I agree with raptor.

    However in my looking between this app and the last your ooc behaviour seems within the acceptable range of lulzy attitude that if it were smoothed with just a touch of professionalis you make a funmin to the community.

    You're on the edge of swaying me into supporting a trial phase. I just need a bit more from you ic.
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  20. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    Thank you, Jariah.
    I believe that most of the time you see me at my most "bored"; due to the fact we have different time zones. I tend to be more active after 5pm GMT+0000, meaning about 14 hours ago. up until about this time of night, I shall try and get on later so that you will be able to observe my behaviour and judge me upon that, but for now (today) I am going to bed.
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