[Accepted] Admin Application #1 Cheif264

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by cheif264, Mar 25, 2015.

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  1. Eighty8

    Eighty8 Well-Known Member

    Purely from the answers on your application, you understand the generality of it all. Although I had trouble following your last answer where you undermined both rules and principles which led me to believe that you didn't really pick one over the other.
    With that said there have been relatively few issues with you, but whenever I see your character in game it has been one of the more well rounded I believe, I think that can translate well with adminship.

    But in the end I am mixed, like I said there have been few issues, but everyone has had those and I don't think a trail could hurt any, with that I lean towards support.
  2. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    I'm not one for big posts. Cheif is a good kid, means well, stays outta trouble. I share the same concerns as others that have posted against this as well as 88's post above this one. I'm sure that can all be worked out during a trial. I support a trial
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  3. cheif264

    cheif264 LS13 Admin

    I thank you all for the support/concerns and opinions. :D
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  4. WellingtonTheThird

    WellingtonTheThird Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard, bud. I'll contact you on Skype.
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