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  1. Taicho

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    Hi folks!

    First and foremost, thank you to everyone who supported my application. Admittedly, being chosen came as something of a surprise but what's done is done and already changes are being made. There are a lot of things I've considered in regards to improving our standard of administration, probably too many for me to realistically handle alone, and as such, WellingtonThe3rd will be remaining at my side as Deputy Head Administrator. This, essentially, makes him every bit as much of a Head Administrator as I, and we will be working closely over the next few months to iron out the various problems our community has underlined, as well as the multitude of issues we have personally made note of. Previous Head Administrators lay the foundations for massive change within the community, and I am hoping to take these ideas and run with them. With the unwavering determination of Wellington and I, and the valuable feedback and input from you, the community, I have no doubt we can leave a mark on Liberty Station 13 that will benefit the server for years to come.

    With the recent debacle regarding transparency and the secrecy displayed by administration, I have made the decision that each and every change we make -- within reason -- regarding broken policies, rules, administrator expectations and etiquette, etc. will be documented publicly in an archive of sorts. Each and every modification, change, and removal will be documented in here for administrators and players alike to view. This should result in two things:
    • Hopefully, we'll see less player-admin disputes regarding what is right and wrong when it comes to the dealing of cases. When the resources are accessible to both parties, it should hopefully lead to a better understanding overall. As well as this, I am hoping it will prevent any relic rules or policies resurfacing in the future, which should, in turn, reduce inconsistency in rulings and the dealing of cases. When additions and removals are documented for all to see, there is really no room to pull a policy out of thin air, which will rid of a wealth of issues present on our side.
    • This, we hope, will also address the recent concerns of a lack of transparency. We are by no means announcing every single little thing we do, but everything that concerns the players as well as the administrators will be made public. This will be our first step towards more transparency.
    Our immediate plan of action falls down to three main tasks we need to look at before we make any major changes and settle into a routine. Community feedback is something we'll be taking very seriously and addressing whenever we feel necessary, but currently, our attention rests with the following:
    • An administrative purge. This will simply encompass looking at the inactive administrators on our team and removing them accordingly. In the past, we've allowed administrators who are busy with real life to keep rank and power, but we've made the decision to instead lower them to Admin Observer rank to be able to keep track of who is actually active and who isn't. Those who are consistently inactive from server and community will likely be removed completely. From here, we can see how many administrators we want on the team at any given time. In the past, there's been a mindset of 'quantity over quality', which isn't to suggest our current administrator isn't of the highest quality, but sheer numbers doesn't necessarily translate to a better standard of administration.
    • Next, we intend to revise our current application process. We want the process to showcase an applicants attitude, server history, skills and talents more clearly. The current process doesn't do that as well as it could be done with a little switching around. Doing this should hopefully allow us to better understand our applicants and focus a lot more on quality instead of how many admins we can justify hiring in a single batch.
    • A revision of our current rules. It's no secret that our current rule-set is anything but clear. When even administrators struggle to understand and interpret, clearly something needs to be done. We will be looking at a complete rewrite of the rules, potentially including extra additions to the rules that will be beneficial in our attempt to create a better environment overall for the Liberty Station 13 server. I'm hoping for some community feedback with this one, so keep your eyes open in the coming month or two.
    These changes will not be immediate, but I'm hoping to get them done and out of the way as soon as possible so we can move onto bigger and better things. I hope you'll be patient with us and are satisfied with the changes I intend to make in the coming months. Both Wellington and I can be contacted through forum PM's or on Skype if you have any concerns, suggestions, or merely want a little chat. I'm extremely excited to take on this role and sincerely hope I can present an array of changes that will help improve the administration of our ever expanding community!!

    May the reign of terror begin.
    -Taicho :cool:

    (p.s. this 'guacamole' colour is fancy as shit)

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  2. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    okay i swear this looked a lot better in the preview screen when it wasn't stretched

  3. Benblu

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  4. MiziBooBoo

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    We do need more admins though, the server has been extremely lacking lately. Quality is important, but we need more quantity too.
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  5. TheDracheX

    TheDracheX LS13 Coder Staff Member

    How much do you like this color?
  6. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    I'm not implying the hiring of admins will grind to a complete standstill, I'm suggesting that we'll be picking our admin candidates more carefully, with quality in mind, as opposed to hiring as many as we can. It's proven to be an issue, and one we'd like to prevent reoccurring. Hiring more and more admins because some of the current ones are inactive doesn't strike me as a particularly good course of action. It would be more beneficial to encourage the inactive ones to participate, or replace them, instead of adding even more on top of the already large team we have.

    We do not need thirty administrators for a server that averages between 40-60 players.

    i like it more than you will ever know..
  7. AceUK

    AceUK Active Member

    All hail, all hail!
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  9. Devon

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    You're never on when I am. Stop that so you can come love me. Anyway, the above looks good to me! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!
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  10. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    Hey there Taicho! I was going through what you typed and have a few questions.

    Well the server remain light role play? Are there any plans to change this? Or are you just purely going for better defined rules in addition to adding rules that you feel must be implemented?

    This is new to me. I never knew the administrators had a difficult time in understanding and interpreting the rules. Is it any rules in particular that keep popping up time and time again?

    What is your stand as far as privacy goes? Not just for the players; but the administrators as well. I believe transparency is good but you should strongly consider the line between transparency and individual privacy.

    How are you planning on tackling the issue of players mentioning a lack of administrator presence? Would you consider something of a schedule of some sort to tackle this? I don’t consider this one an easy fix.

    We really appreciate your efforts Taicho. :)
  11. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    I can answer this for you. 'Yes'. LS13 has always, and will likely always remain light RP.
  12. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    I figured as much; but I thought I would just throw that in there any way just in case. ;)
  13. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    This makes me so happy :D
  14. Keyword22

    Keyword22 Well-Known Member

    The time has finally come.
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  15. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Thanks, Pepsi.

    1. The server will remain light roleplay, yes. We have no intention of forcing people into a certain play-style, and that's exactly what converting to Heavy RP would do. Light RP allows people to play how they want without forcing them to play one way or the other.
    2. There's no specific rules, but with the wealth of different cases we need to deal with, it's often hard to decide whether something that is reported is actually breaking a rule due to them being so unclear. This, ultimately, results in Administrators occasionally being quite reluctant to apply a ban in case the action at hand doesn't actually directly break the rule. I, myself, have trouble understanding them sometimes, so we'll be revisiting them, revising them, and ultimately updating or otherwise rewriting them to clear some things up.
    3. Whilst some of the issues underlined in the transparency thread were agreeable, there will never come a time where I will make it administrator policy to announce to an individual how the griefer or rule breaker was dealt with. We ask for your trust that we handle things appropriately, and it really is unfortunate if we don't get it, but I don't agree with condemning people and breaching player privacy to satisfy the paranoid and doubtful. The stance on allowing for more transparency does not mean we will release every little bit of information asked for, but it does mean, I'm hoping, that we will make a conscious effort to keep players in the know regarding changes, community issues, etc.
    4. I will never force a schedule onto the administration team. At the end of the day, this is a group of people who spend their days listening to and dealing with an overwhelming amount of complaints to create an enjoyable playing environment without any form of pay whatsoever. They are volunteers, and as long as this remains a volunteer role they will not be forced into any sort of schedule. Inactivemins will be removed and replaced, and to overcome the issue of lack of administrator presence I am hoping to pay more attentions to the timezone's of applicants in the hope that we can get to the point wherein all times of the day will be covered.
  16. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    Great! Thanks for taking your time answering my questions. I am sure things will only get better from here on out.
  17. Theodysseygamer

    Theodysseygamer Active Member

    So regarding your stance on a new application system, will I have to make a new application or is mine still valid?
  18. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    All applications made before we revise the application and process will be considered valid, aye. You won't need to make a new one, and it's likely a decision will be posted on your application before we switch to that system anyway.
  19. Theodysseygamer

    Theodysseygamer Active Member

    Cool, just wanted to be kept in the loop as I've just come back from holiday about three hours ago and only found out you were the new Head Admin one to two hours ago, congratulations by the way, just wanted to keep informed! :D
  20. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Thankya kindly. Hope you had a good holiday~
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