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    So in my english class we are doing this thing where you write 10 quotes or a short description of other classmates, and I thought it might be fun to try it with the forum to increase community relations or somethin'.

    Basically just think of 10 people in the community you know, and think of a quote or short tidbit, that best describes them (IC or OOC'ly), just remember to keep it nice! I will start out to show

    Jayce Wise- "Dance" (Jayce Wise every day). most robust old lunatic I know. Practically a pimp in space, I have much more to say, but I shall refrain due to this would be a word document if I covered everything

    Zeke Ray (Jawn Mancer)- "..you may pet me.." (Zeke before being petted several times by the CMO) A pretty damn cool guy OOC, and one of my favorite friends to rp with on ss13

    FlatoftheBlade- Flat is one of the most active guys I see on the forums. He almost always has some good input on any issue, whether it be a ban appeal, or some code implementation. I appreciate his presence on the forum, and he is dope.

    Sawyer Anderson- "T'is the way with us Obadiah, we cannot be stopped but only in death." (Anderson before being harmbatoned to death) In a way, I see myself in Sawyer. We both have a "be a dick" sense of humor, and often find ourselves getting slapped on the wrist because of it by various admins *cough*. Overall though, IC sawyer is pretty damn robust, and I enjoy playing with him.

    Elysia Leno (Moiderer)- Although new, I have found moiderer to be f'ing hilarious both IC and OOC. In a way Elysia brought back the old days of the crowbar cowboys that I remember so fondly, with her BREAKING INTO MY OFFICE EVERY ROUND IN A CHICKEN OUTFIT! good with da rp too.

    Mindtrixx (Cy Pritchard)- Best lawyer, 2015. Mindtrixx is brilliant in game, and on the forums. He has both kneeslappin' hilarious posts, and serious, wall'o'text posts helping move on a conversation. This guy is also robust as shit.

    KNEEKSEYLLAMA AKA F'ING EMMA LOCKE- She understands that alpacas are the best, Knees is also a fantastic artist, also a good rp'er. Kudos Knees.

    Kate Smollet (Gen Battier) - WARNING: very robust. Kate is one of the few that I actually fear aboard the station. Like, she will be cool one second, then the next, BOOM, she killed your friends and family. Probably why I try to stay on her good side..Point is, DON'T MESS WITH KATE. :D

    Lucius Septimus (Fatsman)- A very seasoned member, although often busy with life, and not active on the forums because of that, he is always a good guy to have on your side in ss13, and I respect him as much as I respect Jayce Wise, mah man. We like..three pees in a cast iron pod that is ss13..yea...

    Noir Kamikaze (Drad3n)- "-breathes heavily-" (Every time Noir sees Blaine) Noir is crazy coo'. I don't know why he is so crazy cool, but he is. Also, he is a good admin. Noir wears women's underwear..(I think it is a fetish thing) and Drad3n is pretty active on the forums.

    NOFACEMAN- "Choo choo.." Nofaceman is one of the enigmas of LLA. I know not from whence he came..or why...I just know, that he is here..and he is a brilliant something. Often times, his pictures posted on threads make me laugh real hard, and my lack of understanding him in general is great.

    Vermillion Blaine (Gay Satan)- Verm is one of the best medbay compatriots I have had the honor to work with. In addition she is great with da rp's, and has managed to tame (if I dare say) the wild Noir Kamikaze. Always fun to be around IC and OOC.

    IMPORTANT NOTE!!!: YOU ARE NOT WITHHELD TO JUST TEN QUOTES, YOU CAN DO AS MANY AS YOU WANT! Also! If you want someone to make a quote about you, pipe up and ask! I am sure they will be happy to oblige!
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  2. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    This looks fun, a little like that "Be Humble" Post from whoshisface from thatonetime (>Implying memory)

    Flavoredcactus - "I recognized you by your underwear" Flavo is pretty well known by most everyone on our server, so i dont need to explain much into that. But he was the one who (Sidelong, and without taking ANY responsibility) convinced me to go ahead with becoming an admin. He was also the reason i didnt succumb to the wiles of being a badmin. His guidance is what got me through the Trial phase of my adminship, and his IC shenanigans as Dave Flavo are why i actually learned to fight even a little bit. (>Implying Robustness)

    Wellingtonthe3rd - "[Lel worthy quote to come later]" As most everyone knows, Wellington is a our current headmin, and as such sucking up to him is my fastest route to promotion *Cough* But in all seriousness, i had a bit of a rough patch Irl and as an admin somewhere near the middle of my infini-secondary days and we talked a fair bit during that time. He helped alot, .... so .... yea .... *Cough*

    Flatoftheblade - "Your performance as a sec officer in the round that just ended was beyond shameful." Oh man, me and flat started off on the WRONG foot, let me tell you. Our first head on interaction was him hitting my perc-app like a wrecking ball. I like him being honest about his opinion though, there were a few times where his almost-angry rants of pure channeled rage caused me to find the big flaw in something i was trying to do, often enough helping me fix the things that were holding me back. Were pretty good pals now, Considering how we started out. [SIDE NOTE: I Saved New-Years 2015 by spewing MLP:FiM Memes at him. <3]

    Mindtrixx - "-=+*!!OBJECTION!!*+=-" Mind was my SECOND IC friend, but he was also the one who stuck around. Before i became an admin and when i was still learning ...... well EVERYTHING. He took it upon himself to teach Table me over and over while explaining how to do stuff. IC hes a pretty legit lawyer and quite robust, and OOC hes invaluble community asset (>Implying heartfelt friendship). But in all seriousness, yet another person whos presence is why i stuck around in our community.

    Rob Ust - "[*Whistling wind through empty space*]" God i miss this guy ... Back in the day when i first got trialed me and him were back to back every night from about 11PM-7AM. He taught me a few things during that time and Kept me company during those cold lonely nights ........ *COUGH* (>Implying Plutonic)

    Romeo Vaughn - "[>Implying Quotes]" Me and romeo were the shenanigan team back in the day, not THE shenanigan team i suppose but A Shenanigan team. When we were on together and i wasnt playing HoP (As i ALWAYS was back in the day) We were getting into SOME sort of trouble. Except for one time that we just spend a 2 1/2 hour shift building a couple micro-apartments turning the formerly useless solars area East of engineering into personal apartments, complete with funtioning Air and Disposals system. .... which we THEN filled with stolen goods from the stantion untill we had Pimp-daddy condos of the aegis.

    Kegsey Winters - "Centcom Announces: KEGSEY WINTERS IS A MALE *Uproarus laughter heard throughout the non-medium of space itself*" Lately ive become enthralled by Kegs shenanigans, and when shes Hes my RD i find im never lacking for something to do, Weather that be actually performing science or assisting kegs in one of her his many sub-legal endeavors.

    Bionic_crow - "OSWALLLLLLLLLLLLLD (Every day as soon as my steam account goes online)" Me and bionic have become friends since they OUTRIGHT DISAPPEARED fromt he server. We play alot of war thunder and dont starve and chat alot while playing other single player games. Its nice having someone with similar interests to just lob idead at while city-building or rougeliking!

    Teemu - "Oh Shit zombie Halk" Teemu (For anyone who doesnt know them) is pretty active in the rougelike side of our community. Back in the day where it was all my computer could handle hed watch me (Via skype) while i took my turn on the communal Cataclysm DDA dropbox game. And laugh at how derpy my playstyle is in comparison to his super refined and awesometastic one.

    Analloveisbest/thejuicyfruit - "(>STILL IMPLYING QUOTES)" He's a pretty cool guy, it was fun playing with him before he disappeared. Honestly, my choice to apply to perc was based on hoping he might be around to perc with, But i suppose percing with flat will have to do .... *SIGH*

    =Honourable Mentions=

    Aleron Flint - You're a great captain, which is what fuels my small desire to greytide EVERY TIME YOU ARE CAPTAIN. Hard handed and gruff. HOWEVER When you ARENT Captain, your shenanigains are pretty god tier regardless of their legality. [Sidenote: Literally the first time i was ever deployed as perc Flint wiped my whole team. I laughcried myself to sleepdeath in my bedcoffin.
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  3. Aww, the feels.

    Obie, way before you became active again I saw your posts around here. Glad you came back and nice putting a real personality to those dusty old posts. You're one of the most super friendly people I've met in SS13, both OOC and IC (sometimes to a fault IC :p). One of the only people I can easily lend trust to IC.

    Jariah, I recall that New Years thing. As much I find bronyism a little bit strange and confusing, there was something quite disarming about those ponies. Seeing those ponies so happy makes one feel guilty about being salty I guess, I dunno (don't quote me on that or I will slap you).

    I won't start rattling off names myself because it's hard to be inclusive enough; just wanted to give a shout back.
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    Here's to all who are RIP in peace (if you are reading this come back)

    LoneTsukasa (Greyson Simmons) - "Remember, Greyson's are harmless unless disturbed in their native habitat." The most robust atmospheric tech not named alan mccoy, Very fun and friendly fellow. Even if he gets permabrigged completely naked he finds a way out.

    Psyentific (Janet Williams) - "Cargo! Roll Call" The most robust quartermaster to ever walk this server, vanished from the community entirely without a word

    ??? (Oongeevan Fuchs) - "Ungiven Fucks" I may of gotten salty in my early days of getting robusted by him but he was certainly a fond memory and his pun name was cool too. If your out there please come back

    AncientV25 (Alan Mccoy) - "DAVEO FLAVEO" Was a great and very active admin, did a successful job of making LLA my goto server when i was just server hoping, enjoyed playing with him. His ghost sometimes roams these parts and yells fond memories but it would be rad if he came back to life fully.

    Kirbyroth Fallen (Kirbyroth) - "The clown honked it" A very kind and innocent soul who Ive never ever had an issue with, absolutely a good player and never gets salty, I dont see him around here anymore but i do see him post which is strange, if you see this please come back

    Pessime (Maegan Duncan) - A legend from old days, long before my time. the first admin to ever give me a note. A robust HOS, former perseus. I have no quotes, ive never really had much time with them.

    Eternal1248 (Eternal) - "I can't let you do that dave" The only AI i will ever love, the other admin who made LLA my goto server.

    Mask2697 (Same Guivene) - Excellent community regular who vanished off the face of the earth, mask you some how get this message come back, things have changed but i think you like em.

    Cameron653 (Cadence Knapenberger) - "I'm malf again" - Got malf every single round for an entire day when the RNG snorted crack, also would always take the janicart into space and fly around.

    Jjhamaoui (Mari Juana) - ".3. sweg" ONE CRAZY SON OF A GUN

    Seiga (Kuku Mason) "NOBODY KILLS MY WAIFU" - I have no idea what happened to you, But i enjoyed playing with you, someone who RP'd a character.

    Someone, anyone, revive all of the names listed above and let them return to LLA once more and maybe post on the forums as well. Old community come back and fuse with new community.
    Oh chillyspace, come back as well.
    some other people who should come back as well: chief145,Biwwy, Sleepy Wolf, _RandomDoge_, Sauwit
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    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Ive seen at LEAST four of these people on recently.
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  6. Tharinoma

    Tharinoma LS13 Admin

    How hard is it? No one ever spells my name right. cry.
  7. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    It's OK, Alieron Flont, we still love you.
  8. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Tharinoma (Alorien Flint) - Been around forever and still surprisingly plays. Just like me. A great person to have on the security force, or your greatest enemy if you're a criminal.
  9. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Aloevera flint
  10. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    Allie Flynn
    Antoine Fillet
    Aloha Flora

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  11. Kneeskeysllama

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    Alpaca Flint?

    (but for real everyone is too awesome ;w; <3)
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  12. JPR

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    You really should be using these names as alt character names :)
  13. Obadiah Mayland

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    Fullarion Int, also this thread is TOTALLY not derailed
  14. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh! (also the forum)
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    #Life is complete

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